You've Got To Check Out These Fancy Invites We Just Can't Get Over

Everyone’s going that extra mile to grab eye balls and we are not complaining. In fact we are in awe of how creative normal event invites are getting. In the last few weeks we’ve received some really cool invites we just can’t get over. You must check them out too. And if you’ve seen or received anything like these, do let us know.
Edible restaurant invite for the launch of Farzi Cafe at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. 

The invite (the paper) was made of marzipan and you could actually bite into it. Not very appetizing but a cool concept nevertheless, don’t you think? 

Passport and boarding pass entrees for the launch of MYX restaurant in Juhu, Mumbai.

They went an extra mile to actually get our pictures printed on a make belief passport for the republic of food which listed some of their specialities from over the world and came along with a boarding pass too. Quite exciting ! 

The launch party invite for Contiki, a youth travel agency that’s now in India.

They managed to floor us with their gifts. A travel kit that consisted of pajamas, chappals, neck pillow and eye mask, a world map and a shot glass along with the official invite. Keeping up with the concept of travel this one was a wonderful surprise. 

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