Women’s Day Spl: I Am Proud To Be Me

Zahra Globetrotting foodies wome's day

Yes I am proud. Of the hair on my body and face and of the flabs on my waist. I am proud of my skin colour, of my breasts and of the period pain that make me quiver.

No I don’t want to learn how to cook because women must know it. I don’t want to know how to maintain a home because that’s what is expected of me. I am more than what I am expected to be. In fact I can be anything I want to be… a lawyer, doctor, actor, writer or a home maker too. It’s my choice to give it up (or not) for thee.

Glonbetrotting Foodies on Women's Day

No I ain’t blaming you, you or you for all the stereotypes I am expected to match. I am just saying, I may not be doing what’s expected of me… but I am kicking ass, every single day my dearie.

So for the much acclaimed, advertised and marketed women’s day today, I want only one thing. The ability to make a choice. Choose to wax my hands or not. Choose to stay at home or go out and work. Choose to cook at home or hire a cook. It’s all my choice.

Glonbetrotting Foodies on Women's Day

And be sure to not be judged for any of my choices. Weather I am wearing a mini skirt or a salwar, weather I am wearing red lipstick or pink, weather I am staying out late at work or coming home by 6. Life would be so much easier if nobody would judge you and grill you for the choices you’ve made.

If your struggling with the same, girl, I feel you. So here’s some advice form one girl to another (okay, woman if you prefer that) don’t fret it. One day it won’t matter. The length of your dress, the time you spend out of home, the hours you couldn’t spend without your baby…nothing will matter unless you are happy. So make sure you please yourself and in the process I am sure you will be able to please others too. And if not, well at least someone will be happy 🙂

Happy women’s day ya’ll ! Now go kick some ass.


Location in pictures: Mama’s Bungalow, Alibag
Picture courtesy: Murtaza Bookwala

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