Vacation to End the Vacation: Prakruti Resort, Kashid

When you have been doing nothing but chilling for almost 8 months of your life, (in my case actually 5 years) you are ought to travel a lot and eat a lot (which also explains why I am a little heavier than intended) and yes! I did. After all those trips, long and short, it was time to bid adieu to the holiday life. June was about to come and engulf me in a wide mass of corporate mess from which you seldom get a day off! And to commemorate the oncoming of a new phase of my life and end to an amazing one, I decided to end my amazing spree of holidaying and globetrotting with a very lavish Staycation at Prakruti Resorts, Kashid.


Sun, Sand and Sea

Kashid is one of the pristine beaches on the vast Konkan coastline which borders from Gujarat to Karnataka in western India. This Konkan coast is adorned by white sandy beaches and coconut trees, and often dancing dolphins if you are lucky.


Prakruti is a luxury resort in Kashid around an hour away from Alibaug. Though I travelled by car driving through the most beautiful view of the beaches and trees, one can also take a jetty to alibaug from the Gateway of India and a rickshaw or bus to Kashid thereof. The travel time by car is around 3.5 hours mainly because of the traffic caused by the buses plying on the Goa Highway.


In the lap of luxury

As we entered the resort, there was an air of luxe and style everywhere. Supposed to be a holistic and wellness retreat, the 35 acre resort is adorned with greenery all around and historical artifacts from the Indian ages gone by. The look, feel and theme of the resort are more mythological since all their properties (rooms, villas, apartments, dining rooms) are named in sanskrit (gave me a very ramayan feel). The resort has two huge swimming pools with a depth of 5 feet 3 inches which stays open till 7pm. A golf coast, its own private stretch on the kashid beach – where they take you on a bullock cart which is slllooow, but the bullocks are white, too damn white! You’ll like to see them (also a replica of the bullock cart with the bulls is near the swimming pool and it looks to real for imagination)- The rooms are not very fancy but comfortable with air conditioning and surprisingly the bathroom DOES NOT have a bath tub (disappointing thing for a luxury resort)


Since the resort is really huge (see 35 acre) they have battery operated cars to transport you to and fro from your room to the dining area, which you won’t use much unless you are damn lazy which in my case (surprisingly) I was not. they also have a Kerala ayurvedic massage centre with full body massages costing 1500 and other massages around 750-800 (GF Tip: If you take a massage, pay the money to the masseuse and don’t insist to add it in your bill, this way you will save the excruciating taxes that they will add up on your bill).


The fab food

Their in house restaurant NISARG, serves the three meals of the day which is inclusive in your per day package. The food at Prakruti is a total winner, apart from the vegetarian, which I didn’t even look at, the non-veg food included Chinese, Indian and Mughlai with Chicken, Mutton and Fish (which was YUMM ) in lunch and dinner along with delicious desserts and a live counter of pasta/ pizza. Close to the dining room is also their in-house discotheque – THUNDER – which plays kickass Bollywood DJ music from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. This disc was mostly empty for obvious reasons (who wants a discotheque in a PEACEFUL place?) apart from families with their little kids dancing to the amusement of onlookers.


Our verdict

The staff is extremely polite, so polite you almost feel how can one be so bright and shiny even when Kashid was literally baking at 31 degrees temperature.


In a nutshell Prakruti is a fantastic place for a staycation when you want to run away from the chaos of the city. Since The prices are a little steep (cost per head per day – 5000 INR) this is not a resort you should take if you don’t plan to stay in the resort for most of your holiday. I also wouldn’t really recommend one to go to this place with their gang of friends. It is more of a family or coupley place, unless you have reached the age and stage where you want the piece and tranquility ( no offence to anybody here šŸ˜‰ )

For more information and bookings check their website, here.Ā 

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