All The Things You Must Buy While On Holiday Abroad

Shopping during international travels

Going overseas is now a trend but it’s also true that even though literally everything is exported and floods the Indian markets, there are somethings you still won’t find in India, unless ofcourse you know the right ways to get them.

Anyway, a trip abroad means a lot of shopping especially from duty free where, on most occasions you are bound to find great deals and discounts. Since I am a self-proclaimed food lover, I believe in putting all my money in food and so places like Carrefour are paradise for the kid inside me. Well, I believe in eating up all my money and to be frank, I am already on the way to it. Of course, my bank account isn’t too happy.

But here’s a low down on all the things I usually pick up, without fail from super markets and stores abroad to be sealed, packed and transported all the way back home, in Mumbai, India.

  1. Chocolates: No, I ain’t talking about the regular Mars, Bounty, Sneakers which are available everywhere in India (although the quality of the ones you get abroad are way better plus so many more flavours! So I pick them up nonetheless) But other unique chocolates such as Flake, Reece, Ritters in multiple flavours, Cadburry chocolate cakes, Lint in more than 15 flavours including a Creme Brule! Swiss chocolates and other varieties like Galaxy ripples, Galaxy Crackle and Galaxy white chocolate. Get a drift of what I mean?
  2. Cosmetics: Mac lipsticks for Rs. 1300? Yes, its a reality on Dubai Duty Free. In fact when travelling abroad picking up cosmetics is a great idea if you are into that kinda stuff. Firstly cause you don’t get a lot of brands such as Huda Beauty, Kylie, Smaashbox and color pop in India and secondly, they are cheap AF if you get them in sale. Believe it or not I’ve got two very good Mac shades for Rs. 1300 each while Huda Beauty’s Trophy Wife and Bombshell for Rs. 1800. And of course none of them are cheap rip-offs that are flooding the Indian markets!
    makeup shopping
  3. Clothes from Brands: If you are a brand freak (which I am not) you’ll be in seventh heaven at some of the malls running discounts that after conversion actually turn out to be pretty cheap, no kidding! I’ve picked up H&M shoes for Rs. 800, the same ones that retail in India for 2290 and shirts for Rs. 600 each. In fact at Aeropostale we also got a deal on the T-shirts on buying three which came upto Rs. 1200 each while their beach slippers for Rs. 650 each. Steal, isn’t it?
  4. Magnets and other memoirs: If you know me, you know my love for magnets and I always pick up atleast one just as a memoir of the place. But make sure to not pick yours from a fancy gift shop cause the prices there will always be hiked. Instead look out for roadside stalls and market places where you can get them real cheap. When in Dubai we picked up magnets for 5AED (Rs. 90) each from around gold souk market. The same ones that retailed at 50AED (Rs. 900) in the malls.
  5. Chocolate spreads: Get over Nutella (NO! I didn’t mean that) cause there’s a whole lot of other chocolate spreads to try out. Did you know all the chocolates you adore – Sneakers, Twix, Mars and malt teasers – are now available in spreads! Of course they’ll take time to launch in India but if you are oversees all you gotta do is pick up! I got a delicious salted caramel spread from Paris Duty free and a delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake Spread from Dubai!
  6. Chicken Cubes: My mother almost always asks me to get a big box of Chicken Cubes and when you are in the super markets you’ll also find Beef stock cubes, Vegetable stock cubes and fish stock cubes too! Apparently really good. Also, readymade easy-to-cook masalas are sometimes a big hit!
  7. Cream: The variety of cooking and eating cream that’s available in super markets abroad is hilarious. Do they simply survive on cream? Well, I like to pick up slightly sweet cream that I can lather on my bread and eat for breakfast. (Now you know where I get the calories from!)
  8. Unique biscuits / wafers: Nope not talking about Pringles. But super markets have a massive junk food section and you’ll find all kinds of cookies, biscuits, wafers and dips there that can surely be steals especially in discounts that Carrefour mostly has. From Amsterdam I picked up the stroop waffles and every person I gave them to, loved them! But just can’t find a place in Mumbai that does the exact same kind of Stroop waffles!

That’s a massive list of all the things I can think of. If you think I’ve forgotten to add something or have missed out, then ping me or leave a comment below. Also, if you have any interesting shopping stories, I am all hears! You can also write to us directly on

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