The Mystery Behind Nariman Point's Iconic Building

Ever wondered why the Air India Building is the only building that is built diagonally along the Queens Necklace ?

Not a lot of people know this, but legend has it that the Air India building which was built around the time of the Emergency during Prime Minister IndiRa Gandhi’s reign, is built in such a fashion that it completely covers another building – The Express Towers which is behind it.

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It is said that this was done because, the builders of Express tower (The IndianExpress Group) were in a cold war with the erstwhile PM which resulted in a complete blockage of sea view – The USP of Express Towers. The result was, Express Towers had no sea view even though it was meant to be a “Sea-Facing” tower.

Infact if you are at the promenade, you wouldn’t even realise that there is a building behind the Air India building, even though express towers is taller.

History much? You can thank us later. šŸ™‚



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