Here's My Travel Bucket List for 2016. What's on Yours?

Globetrottingfoodies Travel Bucket List

2016 is already 1 quarter down and high and has a host of long weekends ( well, I belong to the group of travellers who needs weekends.) With 3 amazing trips in the first quarter, I have curated a list of things I want to see and want to do before 2016 and the 23rd year of my existence comes to close, because come on, along with the amazing people I have around me, I also need to celebrate the amazing people I met, the amazing love I could have and lost ( cause I had to move on ) and the amazing food I had. So, here’s my list (and if your list is similar, put it down in the comments and we can plan something together :P)

1) Dharamshala :


Can you believe it, I have been to so many Himalayan destinations, but this tiny pocket where the Tibetan army in exile is headquartered is still in my bucket list. A pure stoners paradise, the place I particularly wanna go to is this Shiva’s Cafe in McLeod Ganj, which has a huuuuggee lord Shiva statue in whose lap you can plong and get photographed ! Selfie with the happy God – My thing !

2) Spiti:


I have been yearning to go to Spiti from a while now. Spiti is an extremely high altitude town in Himachal Pradesh which also has the worlds highest post office! And pahadi people, lots of pahadi people… me likey :P.

3) Mussoorrie :


We went till Rishikesh and could not go to Mussoorrie, but regret not. This place is surely going to get my blessing before the year draws to a close. What I wanna see here? The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Yep, all those stalwarts that scale the mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks train here. Even the Lal Bahadur Shastri Administrative training institute is here.

4) Om Parvat :


Mount Kailash or Om Parvat. This magnificent peak in the Himalayas has snowfall every year in the shape of “OM”. I’m sure you must have read about OM Parvat somewhere or the other, it is also believed to be Lord Shiva’s abode.

5) Bir- Billing :


This is a small hilly area tucked away in Himachal Pradesh with very few tourists and a hot spot for paragliding. The new Zostel has opened up here (and you guys know how much we love… Zostel ). As soon as I read about Zostel opening up here, I researched about Bir-Billing and it soon made to my travel wish list.

As you might notice all these places are North Western India based, that is because I am covering India in phases to see each and every ounce of soil here to my heart’s content. Why only India ? Well, we are poor ?? just kidding. I personally believe there is a lot to see in India before I go ahead and see its counterparts abroad. Not meaning to say that I won’t go abroad till I don’t see India completely, but yes I love the Himalayas so till I don’t see every city where the Himalayan ranges reside I don’t think any other place in the world has a chance. šŸ™‚ adios.


Ex- Transactional Lawyer who left the comfortable corporate cushion to live a quasi nomadic life in a quest to unearth the secrets of the world, learn and unlearn.


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