The Long and Short of How Rishikesh Happened (Finally!)

I had been wanting to visit this hill town for a long, long time. Had heard about the amazing adventure activities somewhere and it immediately made its way to my bucket list. I would mention it to friends while planning vacations and tell everyone how much I wanted to visit this Yoga heaven. But of course talking about it and actually doing it are two very different things. 

But sometime late last year my best friend (let’s call her Ni) broke the news of her moving to the big bad capital city – Delhi. She was getting a transfer from office and it was a big boost to her career. I, of course was happy but also a little sad about my best friend moving away. But hey, we were grown ups and were supposed to behave all adult about this.

So instead of talking about how far we would be from each other now, we began to plan the “what happens after she moves”. I told her I’d come visit once she’s settled in and she was pretty kicked about the idea too. She suggested we plan it right away and so on the passing we began to suggest places we could visit from Delhi. There were many options like Amritsar, Dehradun, Mussoorie and even Mc Leodganj and then I shouted out Rishiskesh! It’s gotta be Rishikesh!

That was that. But the when and how’s were yet to be decided. So when I received the New Year holiday calendar in December 2015, I jumped up with joy looking at the four-day long weekend in the end of March, 2016. 24th for Holi, 25th for Good Friday followed by the weekend. This was perfect and I immediately sent out a group message to both my besties! (Yes, we are a pack of three)

They agreed that this was indeed a good time for our short vacation together. It still took a month of coordinations and dilly- dallying for me to finally book my tickets on 24 January 2016. I was going to be accompanied by my sister, Zabeen (Also co-founder of this blog) from Mumbai while Fai (bestie no. 2) would join us from Hyderabad and together we would meet Ni in delhi and then head to Rishikesh. Unfortunately, F couldn’t make it due to some prior commitments (She is a doctor so doesn’t get the pleasures of long weekends) but as they say the show must go on.

So with help from Daddy Z who is always the most encouraging about our travel plans, the flights were booked and even though at a pretty steep cost, we were going.

We had a simple agenda. We wanted to do it all our way. So I decided to delegate. I asked Ni to book us a cab / bus from Delhi to Rishikesh and asked Zab to look for accommodation.

I have always been fascinated by the hostel culture, having read so much about these youth travel hostels. So since I was extremely eager to try it out, I thought  why not right now.

Rishikesh has a Zostel so I booked 3 beds well in advance (at a average cost of Rs 400 per bed and with an advance payment of Rs. 609) and Ni managed to get us an air conditioned cab,(via My Cab India @ Rs. 2500) on Holi day!

It was all set and Rishikesh was finally happening! Yay! Couldn’t wait, after all I had a long list of to-dos at this adventure capital of India.

More on this trip later! Ciao


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