The Revolutionary Revolt Promises Fresh Oxygen And Is Totally Worth A Try

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Oxygen is such a vital necessity that bottling up this freely available substance just sounded ‘absurd’ at first. But a little more learning about the product and the brands values acquaints us with why pure, unadulterated oxygen is such a rarity in today’s times. Pollution, traffic, industrialization, realize of chemicals in the air and depletion of natural resources are all adding to the miseries of the common man and his or her right to freely available oxygen.

Yes, its true that we don’t breathe clean air anymore. What we breathe is pollution that does us more harm than good and that’s when Revolt Oxygen comes in to stay for the long howl. Revolt Oxygen promises 95% pure oxygen that will not only help you breathe better but will also keep you away from multiple illness causes because of bad air quality.

Experience: I was introduced to Revolt Oxygen around a month ago and after studying well the brand, its objective and the end result of the product I am all in favour of using this can of revolt and relief. A few puffs of fresh, unadulterated oxygen can cure many a problems. From hangovers to headaches, breathlessness to muscle spasms a free flow of oxygen is all you need, and that’s what Revolt Oxygen gives you.

I’ve used revolt on multiple occasions now and the result has always been good. I used it on a trek while an uphill climb that left me gasping for air, while running in the garden when I had pushed myself a little too much and just couldn’t breathe and then while I suffered a severe headache. All the times Revolt Oxygen proved its worth and I’d surely recommend people to try it out.

Design and usage: Revolt Oxygen a product of Oxymeal wellness is packaged in convenient-to-carry cans available online in two sizes – the slim and mini each 60 and 30 puffs respectively. It’s a spray can that releases colourless, odourless gas that is also highly inflammatory (so be aware).  I’ve carried it around in my bag on multiple occasions and found that it’s extremely easy to carry and use which maximizes its usability. In fact this would make for a perfect accompaniment on a trip to higher altitudes and a great device for fitness freaks who need an extra push with a few puffs of relief.

For more information on the product check out their website.

You can also buy them from Amazon, Snapdeal and Grofers.

Price: Rs. 349 for the slim can and Rs. 229 for the mini version. 

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