Restaurant Review: NRI, BKC, Mumbai

We chanced upon an opportunity to visit the recently opened NRI – Not Really Indian at Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex. Since we are hardcore non- vegetarians, most of the dishes we tried were loaded with meat. NRI serves fusion Indian cuisine, which is suddenly what every other newly opened restaurant in Mumbai is serving. Here’s what we thought about the food :


(From top left to bottom)

1) Chicken Tikka Pie : Though the portion size was painful, it was enough to satiate a single persons desire for a lip smacking well spiced Indian starter with a desi twist.

2)Bunny Chow : The mutton bunny Chow was one of the best! The bread was soft and the mutton very tender and well spiced.

3) Cold Shrimps Butter: Butter-laden garlic spiced cold shrimps served with toasted bread was a sheer treat! Finely chopped shrimps tossed in butter and garlic and served with bread served as an amazing side dish while the rest of the fare arrived.

4) Malaysian Korma: this is your classic Malaysian chicken gravy served with a fusionised version of the Malbari Parontha. Filled in abundance with delectable flavour.

The prices at NRI are little on the upper side and portion sizes enough to serve 1 person. They also have this system where the food doesn’t have any particular order unlike the traditional soup-starter-main course pattern, and is served as and when it is prepared.

Ambience: A conventional and spacious place with modern decor and antiques. 4/5

Concept: NRI thrives on the concept of Indian food that has been taken to different parts of the world and given a different touch which makes it look, feel and obviously, taste different.

Food: The food is tasty but the quantity of a single dish would suffice only one person. All in all a great one-time visit.

Price: Steep – 450 + taxes per dish. A meal for two with mocktails / cocktails would come up to Rs.  1500

Overall Rating: 3/5


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