Restaurant Review: Global Chaos, Fort, Mumbai

Lunch on Saturday afternoon was at this new swanky restaurant opened up at Fort called Global Chaos! And the name pretty much sums up their menu. It’s a well-curated chaos that offers dishes of all cuisines. You name it and they’ve got it. So here’s what we thought about this place.


(From top left to right)
1. Vietnamese Summer Rolls: Julienned Asian veggies marinated in Asian vinaigrette and rolled up in rice paper. We chose the shrimp variety which had four pieces and although the plating was pretty fancy the dish didn’t impress us enough. We understand that this dish is supposed to be a bit bland but something was lacking in this one. Cost – Rs 400 + taxes

2. Cheesy Ravioli: This dish was full of cheese and totally delicious! We actually began with this one and get our hopes pretty high. Cost – Rs 550 + taxes

3. Spicy Creamy Baby Potatoes: Little Rosemary flavored potatoes that were baked to perfection and then tossed in sour cream and cheese sprinkled with chilly flakes surely won our hearts. We seriously couldn’t stop! It was that yum! Highly recommended.
Cost – Rs 300 + taxes

4. The Grasshopper: This is a mocktail with mango and pineapple juice that’s muddled with lemon grass, kafir lime leaves and basil and is super refreshing. Cost – Rs 250

5. Baked Brie: A big blob of French cheese is baked in the oven and served along with toasted garlic bread. The thought of cheese made us all dreamy so we just had to order this one. But let’s say we were not happy with the result. The cheese is too much and gets to you while you struggle to finish it off. Avoid. Cost – Rs 550 + taxes

6. Mexican Tacos: The regular tacos served with sour cream and salsa. The tacos were fresh and crispy and the filling flavourful.
Cost – Rs 300 + taxes

7. Thai peanut chicken: This dish comes along with rice which were like friend rice but was tasty nonetheless. The dish is pretty filling and was the perfect end to our lavish lunch. Cost – Rs 550 + taxes

Our rating: 3/5

PS: The restaurant looks pretty small from the outside but has a huge sitting area on the first floor which can easily accommodate a big group.

Address: 105-107, Mistry Mansion, Opposite Mumbai University, M G Road, Fort, Mumbai. The best way to locate this restaurant is to watch out for Kandeel a popular main road facing eating joint. Global chaos is on the same footpath a few shops later.

For reservation: 022 33716002

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