For The Man Who Travelled Across The Country To Save His Wife, It’s A Happy Diwali

Here’s a little story:

India, the land of Kamasutra, is a witness to some of the most epic love stories the world has ever heard. I remember growing up to the names of Laila- Majnu, Heer – Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal and the likes, but today let me tell you another epic story. The story of a man who walked all the way from Nasik in Maharashtra to Sri Lanka, just to rescue the love of his life.

Thousands of years ago, there lived a boy who belonged to a very effluent family – the richest family in the town. Bright, smart, intelligent, brave – he was the kind of son every mother would want. Now as it was common in those days, this boy’s father had three wives, who bore him three other sons – total 4. This boy was eventually married to another equally able woman from a similar background. As time passed, the boys grew up and it was time to name the heir to the wealth. It was pretty obvious who would be chosen as the successor of the wealthy merchant. Now here comes the twist –  the merchant’s second wife, (who claimed to love the boy more than her blood son) suddenly turns negative and demands the boy to be banished from the country and instead have her own son succeed to the merchant’s estate.


As faith would have had it, the boy held his head up high and left his palatial house on his mother’s orders to live a life of a nomad. Here starts the most epic adventure ever – The boy, his wife and his younger brother travelled from the Northern Terrains of India to the central plains exploring all the gifts nature had bestowed upon the country in the process. When they reached Nasik for a quick halt, it was here that the man’s wife was abducted. This kidnapper was none other than the wealthy industrialist of Sri Lanka.

Enraged at the audacity of this viscous businessman, the boy along with all the friends he had met on his adventures marched towards Sri Lanka and rescued his wife after an epic battle.

Here’s where our little story ends, and if you haven’t figured out who this extremely badass guy is, let us do the honours – He is a very own Marayada  Purshottam Sri Ram, his wife – Sita and his younger brother – Lakshman from the tale of Ramayana.


Dear fellow travellers and friends though the Ramayana is one of the most important epic of Indian mythology, it was also my first tryst with a life of travel, and the breathtaking, spine-chilling and nerve-wrecking adventures of a road trip. The story of Ramayana was the first road trip I ever read, and it sure was a hell of a one!

The story is the same, characters are the same, situations are the same – this Diwali, take a look at your favourite epic with the soul of a traveler and relive every adventure. Wish a Diwali full of sunshine, positivity, opportunity and love. Spread the cheer.

This article is inspired from this story.

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