GF Reviews: Please Don’t Tell Aka PDT, Mumbai

Last week we visited the quirky PDT or Please Don’t Tell in Kamala Mills Lower Parel. Yes, Kamala Mills is becoming a paradise for foodies like me with various outposts opening up in this gigantic mill. But PDT has been around for some time now and the only way to take a note of this place is by the bright red telephone booth on its entrance. Yes, sticking to its name, PDT makes sure no one knows where it is and follows a fun concept of dialing a specific number to get inside.

entrance - PDT
The telephone booth entrance of PDT

Once you are in, the vibe is quite chilled out with a more run down, garage like feel that will serve you the poison of your choice in the quirkiest way possible. Taking cue from all things that can’t be told to people, PDT plays on subjects like sex and relationships with snazzy quoted on all its merchandise (don’t forget to read what’s on their tissues, coasters and even scribbled on their tables). There’s minimal lighting to keep it dark and disco like and they play some great party numbers too. There’s amble spacing for you even shake a leg while you wait for your food.

Mini Vada Pavs - PDT
Mini Vada Pavs – PDT

The menu is a good mix of all things that suit the Indian palate from Moghlai fare to chicken rolls and risottos with a twist. In finger foods you can pick from their hummus platter (which BTW was exceptionally good and creamy) that comes with veggies, pita bread squares and delicious hummus or go for chicken tikkas, fish and chips or their popular mini vada pavs that will keep you going till you sip on your drink.

They have a wide selection of cocktails and mocktails that will surely set the mood right and if that doesn’t work then the fun music will surely set the ball rolling. They’ve got some really cool cocktails with high levels of potency which promise to get you tipsy in just one drink.


What we ate

We filled our tummies with starters like the chicken tikka roll, the hummus platter, the camouflaged bird which was actually a chicken filling on a crispy wafer nugget with some interesting presentation. In mains we went for the sunblushed risotto which was cooked in tomato puree and didn’t quite suit our palate.

Interestingly, the dishes have some very quirky names such as the hummus platter is called the Middle east conspiracy. So if you are confused by it and wondering what to order, just ask the waiter to help you out. (We did the same :P).


Each dish costs around Rs. 350 – 400 plus taxes so for two people a meal with cocktails should come upto Rs. 1500 – 2000.


The restaurant is situated in Kamala Mills at Lower Parel, Mumbai. Here are the directions to the restaurant for your convenience.


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