Go Goa Gone – Here’s how to go hip in the Hippie heartland of India

Ariel view of Anjuna beach - Visit

Goa has something to offer every kind of person to visit. To the party hopper they have clubs with blaring stereo’s, to the alcoholics they have duty free alcohol, if you are into other things – they have rumours of being home to psychedelic substances as well [though we dint really come across any!] for the diehard foodie, they have an ocean full of sea food and to the traveller’s soul they have some much need peace and bundles of beauty in the air.

So, according to me, these are some of the places you should definitely visit if it is your first time to Goa.

Some of these are in the list because their beauty is surreal, others because they are just very famous and you don’t want to feel the FOMO once you are back.

  1. Antares – An Australian hangout started by Masterchef Australia finalist Sarah Todd, it’s a restaurant cum hotel on the Vagator Beach. This place is perfect to watch the sunset while sipping on some chilled beer. You can even walk down the quaint wooden staircase on their deck to walk up to the beach while your food arrives.

This restaurant is a little on the steeper end, and definitely not for the budget traveller. However, they wouldn’t mind if you just have a look at the place.

The surreal sunset view from Antares - visit
The surreal sunset view from Antares
  1. Thalassa – The greek tavern, this place doesn’t really need an introduction. Again a little on the steeper end, the sunset view from this place is surreal! With its sea blue and white interiors, this place looks straight out of santorini, and gives light to all your greek fantasies.

If you plan to have a meal by the sunset at Thalassa, I suggest you make a booking as the bookings at this place get exhausted at a speed faster than the increase in population in India.

View from Thalassa, The Greek Tavern - visit
View from Thalassa, The Greek Tavern
  1. Club Cubano – Amazing interiors. If you are a little quirky like me, you will get total jungle book feels on seeing the glowing swimming pool in the centre of a jungle like setting. Entry per couple is INR 2000 and stag is INR 1500. Drinks are on the house. Only visit on a Saturday night, other days it feels like a kitty party!


Club cubano - visit
Club Cubano with an open air poolside! image source: tripadvisor
  1. Waters – conceptually the same as Antares and Thalassa, so if you have been to these two, then Waters can be given a royal miss.
  1. Shiva Valley – Crazy beach party on Tuesday nights that go on till the wee hours of morning with amazing music and amazing alcohol.
  1. LPK – Love Passion Karma. This place in Goa is so famous, they might as well have a postage stamp with its logo on it. Entry for girls here is on the house and you can party on the beach. Perfecto.
  1. SinQ beach club – Goa’s first brewery, apple cider here can be given a chance.
SinQ Beach Club in the Day. - visit
SinQ Beach Club in the Day. Image source: soundwizard.net
  1. Galgibaga beach – if you are the adventurous types, you can go skinny dipping here at night. Additionally, it is way more peaceful then the other beaches in Goa.
  1. Dolphin Spotting – You can go for a boat ride and spot dolphins for a price of INR 300 at the Sinquiehim Boat House, north from Sinquiehim Beach.
  1. Dudhsagar Waterfalls – if all the water on the beaches of Goa don’t satisfy the water babies, an hour away from Goa are the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Apart from the ones I mentioned above, there’s ashwem, arambol, palolem and morjim beach, all of which are a must visit. I cannot stop raving about these beaches as is evident from my previous posts here and here

Lastly, India is a developing nation with a population nearing the 2 billion mark. We are taught from childhood to share and care with our peers and that’s the most important thing that we propagate while bidding adieu to each post. So guys help other first timers in Goa, like share and subscribe. We try not to disappoint!

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