The Revolutionary Revolt Promises Fresh Oxygen And Is Totally Worth A Try

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Oxygen is such a vital necessity that bottling up this freely available substance just sounded ‘absurd’ at first. But a little more learning about the product and the brands values acquaints us with why pure, unadulterated oxygen is such a rarity in today’s times. Pollution, traffic, industrialization, realize of chemicals in the air and depletion […]

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Women’s Day Spl: I Am Proud To Be Me


Yes I am proud. Of the hair on my body and face and of the flabs on my waist. I am proud of my skin colour, of my breasts and of the period pain that make me quiver. No I don’t want to learn how to cook because women must know it. I don’t want […]

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#GFReviews – TRC : The Roll Company, Lower Parel

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The Roll Company is a quaint little fast food joint, serving mouth watering rolls that are cooked to perfection. Nestled next to PDT at Kamala Mills, TRC serves a variety of rolls in vegetarian and non vegetarian variants. Menu + Ambience Though not a very exhaustive menu, TRC has quite a concise menu with around […]

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For The Man Who Travelled Across The Country To Save His Wife, It’s A Happy Diwali


Here’s a little story: India, the land of Kamasutra, is a witness to some of the most epic love stories the world has ever heard. I remember growing up to the names of Laila- Majnu, Heer – Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal and the likes, but today let me tell you another epic story. The story of a […]

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Euro Tripping: Answering The Most Asked Question 'How Was It'


All those of you who are my friends on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat you’ve already got a glimpse of my much awaited European holiday. I am back in Mumbai and even though it’s been a few days the tripping isn’t over.  It could be jet lag or tiredness or simply post vacation withdrawal symptoms. But […]


GF Reviews: Exquisite Dining At EURO, Sahara Star

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With the advent of a wave of ‘Indian Fusion’ food everywhere, which we personally hate (seriously! What on earth is pavbhaji fondue) it is a delight when once in a blue moon you chance upon a restaurant which is authentic and sticks to its origin. That is how we would sum up our experience at […]


GF Reviews: A Vegilicious Meal At Ministry Of Salads 


Indians have finally begun to give veggies and especially healthy salads it’s due after they’ve understood how important it is to eat healthy. No wonder then that we have salad bars cropping up in Mumbai too. We visited one such quant little ( yet super fancy) salad bar at Breach Candy called the Ministry of […]


GF Reviews: PaPacream, Mumbai for Top-Notch Nitrogen Ice Creams


In the heart of Mumbai at Churchgate lies PaPacream, a nitrogen ice cream store that whips up some delicious concoctions that will stay with you forever. This place has been around for a while so if you’ve already visited, tell us your favourite ice cream combo in the comments below. While we tell you all […]


Day 1 in Rishikesh and How it All Turned Out


Better late than never ? We had a 7.30 AM flight in the morning and I only got home at 10 PM with a whole lot of packing left to do. Anyway 4.30 AM and I am up like an owl, hustling around the house to get ready to go. My parents insisted on coming […]


7 Things This Month That Are Giving Us Serious #FoodGoals


We’ve decided! We have to try these 5 things before the seventh month of the year comes to end. Trust us when we say this, these are giving us sleepless nights! 1.The Freakshakes at Di Bella: They’ve been trending on the internet for a while and we’ve been super curious! Plus they look so freaking […]


Restaurant Review: Global Chaos, Fort, Mumbai


Lunch on Saturday afternoon was at this new swanky restaurant opened up at Fort called Global Chaos! And the name pretty much sums up their menu. It’s a well-curated chaos that offers dishes of all cuisines. You name it and they’ve got it. So here’s what we thought about this place. (From top left to […]

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