The Revolutionary Revolt Promises Fresh Oxygen And Is Totally Worth A Try

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Oxygen is such a vital necessity that bottling up this freely available substance just sounded ‘absurd’ at first. But a little more learning about the product and the brands values acquaints us with why pure, unadulterated oxygen is such a rarity in today’s times. Pollution, traffic, industrialization, realize of chemicals in the air and depletion […]

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Women’s Day Spl: I Am Proud To Be Me


Yes I am proud. Of the hair on my body and face and of the flabs on my waist. I am proud of my skin colour, of my breasts and of the period pain that make me quiver. No I don’t want to learn how to cook because women must know it. I don’t want […]

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#GFReviews – TRC : The Roll Company, Lower Parel

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The Roll Company is a quaint little fast food joint, serving mouth watering rolls that are cooked to perfection. Nestled next to PDT at Kamala Mills, TRC serves a variety of rolls in vegetarian and non vegetarian variants. Menu + Ambience Though not a very exhaustive menu, TRC has quite a concise menu with around […]

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For The Man Who Travelled Across The Country To Save His Wife, It’s A Happy Diwali


Here’s a little story: India, the land of Kamasutra, is a witness to some of the most epic love stories the world has ever heard. I remember growing up to the names of Laila- Majnu, Heer – Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal and the likes, but today let me tell you another epic story. The story of a […]

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GF Reviews: The Daibetic Food Trail At Farzi Café


Do you also think of Diabetic food as healthy and boring? Well, Truly that’s exactly what I thought too but not after I experienced the diabetic food trail – An initiative by Seema Pinto to make diabetic-friendly, healthy food more prominent. The initiative includes well-known restaurants participating and serving the most exquisite and healthy meals […]


Euro Tripping: That Magical Day In Disneyland, Paris


If you’ve been to any Disneyland in the world, you will know why I’ve chosen to describe it as magical. This place is made of our favourite childhood fantasies coming true to make us believe that magic truly exists! And it’s a world in itself. A world where you can be friends with princesses, use […]

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