All The Things You Must Buy While On Holiday Abroad


Going overseas is now a trend but it’s also true that even though literally everything is exported and floods the Indian markets, there are somethings you still won’t find in India, unless ofcourse you know the right ways to get them. Anyway, a trip abroad means a lot of shopping especially from duty free where, […]

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Photo Blog: Glimpses of Ladakh (Part 1)


This one’s a first for our blog. Yes, a photo-blog since we’ve got some awe-worthy pictures of Ladakh, India and it’s beautiful landscape and we’d love to share it. We’ve got a new camera so the pictures are truly amazing and will surely make you want to pack your bags too. Just to recap, we […]

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Lessons from Ladakh: All the Things You Need to Know Before You Pack Your Bags


Julley! Thanks for stopping by! Every journey is packed with adventures and lessons that should be made note of. And so was this trip to Ladakh in the end of August, for me and my folks. To give you some background we set out on a 10-day road trip starting from Srinagar (Flight from Mumbai […]

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Beg-Packing and Other Travel Trends I Dread To Try


I recently read an article about a trend called Beg-Packing that has now become a way to travel for many westerners. I don’t personally know of anyone who has done this or would want to try it but I have surely made up my mind to not. Mainly, because I am not so gutsy and […]

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We’re Back! Adventurous Insights into the World of Food & Travel Await…


It’s been a long hiatus, we agree. But we have no idea what’s been keeping us so distracted off late. No, we haven’t stopped binge-eating at the newest eatery in town or got over daydreaming about the next holiday we will take. We simply stopped documenting our adventures in the world of food and travel, […]

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Your Kitchen Needs THIS Cooking Spray


Since this is a food blog, it’s kind of obvious that our food indulgences are countless. To be true, our girth has expanded so much that we are actually looking for healthier options to bring down our calorie count. And I think we got lucky when we chanced upon this cooking spray. RAY – groundnut […]


GF Reviews: Boardwalk By Flamboyant, Alibag

Food, Reviews

By now you must have heard a lot about this beach-side café that’s opened up at the Mandawa Jetty in Alibaug. Yes, Boardwalk by Flamboyant is a chic new beach-side café with the perfect ambience to sip on some delicious drinks and enjoy the view. A great brunch place this blue and white eatery is […]


#GF Reviews: Fat Choy, Santacruz

Food, Reviews

Fat Choy is about a 7 month old pan asian restaurant on the SV Road at Santacruz which is soon going to be touted as one of the best budget asian restaurants in that side of the city. From the interiors to the cutlery, everything in Fat Choy reeks of a certain asian edge specially […]


GF Reviews: Please Don’t Tell Aka PDT, Mumbai

Food, Reviews

Last week we visited the quirky PDT or Please Don’t Tell in Kamala Mills Lower Parel. Yes, Kamala Mills is becoming a paradise for foodies like me with various outposts opening up in this gigantic mill. But PDT has been around for some time now and the only way to take a note of this […]


#GFReviews – TRC : The Roll Company, Lower Parel

Food, Uncategorized

The Roll Company is a quaint little fast food joint, serving mouth watering rolls that are cooked to perfection. Nestled next to PDT at Kamala Mills, TRC serves a variety of rolls in vegetarian and non vegetarian variants. Menu + Ambience Though not a very exhaustive menu, TRC has quite a concise menu with around […]


GF Special: Spreading The Christmas Cheer

Weekend Wow

The joy of giving is a real thing. And the smiles you bring to the faces of the less privileged will stay with you forever. I say this through personal experience. I’ve been involved with social work for sometime now having been part of a youth social group pup called Rotaract Club of Mumbai downtown. […]


#GFReviews – 1441 Pizzeria Has A New Menu!

Food, Reviews

Have you ever entered a restaurant and wondered all through your meal why it’s called what it is called? Well, I went through that dilemma at 1441 pizzeria. I finally figured why it’s called 1441 – 14 degree North and 41 degree East is where Naples in Italy is on the map, the place where […]

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