Mother’s Day Brunch at Hotel Sahara Star

Let me be honest. I’ve never really gone all out and celebrated Mother’s Day before. I truly believe that it was all a marketing gimmick that’s made big just to sell products that people don’t really need. So all the Mother’s Day promotional offers actually went on deaf ears. Until I was invited to Hotel Sahara Star for a special Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch at their restaurant Earth Plate with my mother. Now, having been to Sahara Star previously, I knew what an impeccable hotel it is. My mother on the other hand had never been and was overjoyed at this opportunity. No points for guessing that my foodie gene comes from here.

So even though we had a tight weekend, we squeezed in time for a luxurious lunch at Hotel Sahara Star and I think it might have been one of the best decisions I’ve made lately. My enthusiastic mother was all decked up for this treat and just entering into the gigantic structure felt special. We were pleasantly greeted by the managers who one by one game to say hi and also obliged us with the tour of the entire restaurant. Might I add, there was nothing I could think of that wasn’t on offer at the restaurant. Since it’s a global cuisine restaurant we were literally spoilt for choice. From aam ras to thin-crust pizza and pani puri stalls to falafels and shawarmas it was all at our service. We sat at our reserved table and set out for the foodilicious journey we would remember for a long time after.

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Starting off with the salad section we filled our plates with all the delicious offerings. There were sushi rolls, prawns with Sol Kadi, Hummus and Pita, Pasta salad, fruit salads, chicken salad and a lot more. A fan of aam ras I quickly filled up a bowl to simply relish the season’s favourite.

My mom, was so overjoyed that one point, she had tears in her eyes not only for all the food that we could indulge in but also for the impeccable hospitality that we were treated to. There would always be someone watching upon us making sure we had what we needed. Waiters would keep refreshing our plates or lookout for our orders and were kind enough to deliver most things to our table for convenience.

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But coming again to the food, after spending a good 30 minutes relishing all the salads, we moved on to the starters. There was a hot dog stall from where we got ourselves a variety of sautéed sausages and requested a falafel and shawarma. We also loved the mutton chops that were so succulent and flavourful that we could have easily wiped another, had it not been for our limited appetites.

A special mention to the fish cutlet that was a slightly different flavour that we liked. The teriyaki chicken starter was also noteworthy. A thin-crust chicken pizza totally won us over while even though we would have loved to try some fresh fruits we simply couldn’t. We were saving some space in our tummy for the desserts that looked really lavish and indulgent. The pani puri stall was serving all kind of chaat items while an ice cream stall had a variety of flavours to please every palate.

For mains we had a bite of the hyderabadi biryani that was lip-smacking while the dal tadka and dal makhani too were delicious. There was a lot of variety of non-vegetarian meats and rotis too but till then we had no space to indulge in them.

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The dessert counter had a good 30 variety of sweets from Indian and French to the good ole classics all displayed to tempt you. A separate churro stall was serving up hot churros with fresh cream and chocolate sauce that made for the highlight of our lunch. We also loved the Kala Khatta macaroon that was just the right amount of crispy outside and creamy inside.

What truly was the highlight of the afternoon was the staff presenting my mom with a little surprise gift in terms of a trophy for being a mom. That was such an adorable gesture and is truly appreciated. They also presented us with roses that instantly brought a smile to our faces. All in all such an amazing experience.

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