Living the Royal Life in Mandawa, Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of palaces, forts, kings and desserts is one best explored by road. Known for its palaces and haveli’s ( which have now turned into swanky exotic hotels ) it can really take you in time to the rajput era full with the sounds of hoofs of the horses and bullets of cannons.

One of our stops in Rajasthan was Mandawa. This place is 190 km of jaipur in the shekhawati region. Mandawa lies in the jhunjhunu district ( yes! that is what it is called ) nothing in terms of sight seeing here, but the usp of this place is that, this is a town ladded with haveli’s. All of these haveli’s are ancient and centuries old and are known for their unique architecture and paintings. You can even live in one of these haveli’s which are rented out to tourists now. Pure Bliss.

The entrance to one of the most exotic Haveli’s in Mandawa, depicting a war scene


If your trip in Rajasthan is a long one with a lot of halts and long drives, mandawa can be a good 2 to 3 day retreat to relax and unwind. The rooms in the Haveli’s have all western amenities and are very well kept. ( bathtub too. yay!)

These are some of the shots from the Haveli we stayed in:

The law cum garden area. perfect to sip warm tea in the misty cold mornings
what in Indian culture is called an “Angaan” or a lawn right in the centre of the haveli.
a view of the wide terrace during dawn


Like in every conventional haveli, this one also had a million doors to enter and exit from. We almost got our childhood back by attempting to play a game of hide-n-seek here.
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Exterior of the Haveli. Major Royalty Feels.

For the Bollywood Fan in you, Mandawa is also a very popular shooting location for our desi masala flicks thanks to its unconventional location and ready made haveli’s. Aamir Khan’s PK and Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan were two of the many movies that have been shot here.




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