Your Kitchen Needs THIS Cooking Spray

Ray cooking spray

Since this is a food blog, it’s kind of obvious that our food indulgences are countless. To be true, our girth has expanded so much that we are actually looking for healthier options to bring down our calorie count. And I think we got lucky when we chanced upon this cooking spray.

RAY – groundnut oil cooking spray is what we’ve been using in the kitchen for a few weeks now and other than being extremely convenient for all tossing, frying, oiling purposes, this oil spray is also super healthy as its low in fat and calories. The oil enables you to use 10 times lesser oil and take in 80 % less trans fats. So no #JoChaheWohKhao.

We’ve got the 250ml can that gives you atleast 750 sprays which means it lasts for a good one month because you have to get a new one. The groundnut oil in RAY cooking spray has 0 cholestrol and trans fat and just 2 calories per spray. So if your bothered with what you are eating and how its cooked, take a step in the right direction with this spray.


Its also super easy to use since you only have to spray the oil in the pan from a distance of 10 inches. Shake well before use and your good to go. The one important thing is to never use it directly on red hot surfaces or open flame as that could cause a fire.

We used it for a house party last week to cook some frozen foods like seekh kebabs and chicken nuggets. In a heated non-stick frying pan we sprayed around 4 to 6 times for enough oil and then simply put in the seekh and nuggets.

There was no weird after taste that you would expect from change of oil and the food felt light. Agreed, that our food was unhealthy anyway being processed and frozen but we have been using the oil ever since for sautéing veggies, tadka on our dal and more so.

Where to buy?

The cooking spray comes in many variants such as sunflower, groundnut, olive and ghee.

This cooking spray is available for sale on websites like Zopnow, big basket, urban platter and amazon among others. You can also directly purchase it from their official site in the buy now section.

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