Here’s Why You Need To Tune Into SONY-ESPN Every Sunday Noon

We often fail to acknowledge the hard work that’s put behind every victory. And sports is one such field that’s built with 90 per cent hard work and 10 percent reward. But documentaries by ESPN Films will make sure you learn about the struggles of famous sportsmen and women that they’ve had to overcome in their careers on field and off it.

ESPN and Sony Pictures Network have bought these gripping sports documentaries to Indian television with their new collaboration and we couldn’t be more delighted, after all we really need intelligent television in our living rooms. These highly acclaimed short films revolve around sports people, their passions and their problems and will air every Sunday at 12 noon on SONY ESPN and SONY ESPN HD channels starting from November 27.

If you’re a sports aficionado, trust me you’ll want to set an alarm for every Sunday afternoon to not miss out on the most gripping stories that will inspire and encourage you to never lose hope.


The documentary series debuts with The Two Escobars – a story of two men named Escobars (one a sports person while other a drug mafia) and how their lives are so different yet so connected. If this hasn’t been able to hold up your interest then there’s an intriguing line-up to lure you. Muhammed and Larry – the story of boxer Muhammed Ali who had to fight his own friend in the ring to prove he was the greatest, Maradona 86’ – The tale of World’s greatest football player and The 16th Man – The story of how a sport like Rugby united a nation plagued with apartheid, are the other movies that will liven up your living room, every Sunday afternoon.

The verdict:

Having watched The 16th Man at a special screening organized by SONY ESPN, I was left spell-bound. The documentary is proof of sheer passion, hard work and the love for sports that’s evident in every frame. From old video clips that have been seamlessly weaved into the story to capturing the true emotion of a nation, this movie raised my expectations. A watch that’s not only entertaining but also a lesson in history stating real events from the past also becomes a great way to learn for the young minds.

And as was said by one of the spokespersons, “These are not only stories of sportsmen but of people and their emotions that will leave you speechless.”

So I suggest you reserve Sunday afternoons for ESPN Sports Films and live every sports person’s journey to victory with equal vigour.

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