Here’s How Indian Gifts Portal Helps You Play Secret Santa Even If You Are Travelling

Secret Santa

Every year during this time, the weather in the atmosphere changes. the climate and the vibe suddenly becomes cooler than it is throughout the year; and why shouldn’t it? Its Santa- Time after all! Christmas also gets with it the season of gifting, and the most awaited Secret Santa game. For the one’s who don’t know what secret santa is then just for you – Secret Santa is a game, where you write names of your friends/ colleagues or your gang on individual chits. Each person picks up a chit and becomes that person’s secret santa. You cannot reveal the name of the person and that person cannot know that you are his secret santa. This way everybody in the gang gets a gift from a person without knowing who has given them this gift.  This year I played secret santa in the most amazing way, all thanks to Indian Gifts Portal.

Excited aint it? Secret santa in the way mentioned above, I believe, can be played only if you actually meet each other in person (picking up chits remember!), but what if you are travelling? your gang is scattered all around and you guys cant meet ? This one question always plague’s a group who want to play secret santa but cant. why, if you may ask ? because well, you meet on your whatsapp group 50 times a day but in person, maybe once in a year or even lesser.

For all the travelling souls out there, here is a step by step guide to play secret santa without actually being physically around each other.

  1. Make a list of your gang and allocate a number to each of them. [eg: If there are 12 participants, each person gets a number from 1-12]
  2. Tell every member on your whatsapp/ facebook or email group to personal message you a number from 1-12. Basis the number which they message you, tell them the name of the person who that number is allocated to. This person now becomes the numbered person’s secret santa. Do the same for all 11 people, and the number left at the end, unpicked by anybody becomes your santee or you become his/her/Mx secret santa.
  3. Once step 1 and 2 is done, everybody has a santee, and nobody knows who chose them except you. Now the person who chose you, can on his own accord and without informing you switch his santee with somebody else in the gang, and that way you can have a secret santa too.
  4. Set a budget, whatever it may be for the gifts to be given to each other.  This budget can be anything from 500 or less to 50,000 or higher!
  5. A traveller’s life is not easy, many a times getting an internet connection is a boon, forget a decent shop to buy gifts, but technology has bridged that gap as well by the introduction of online shopping.

There is an ocean of websites from where you can buy gifts, pay online and get it delivered to wherever you want! My favourite among them is Indian Gifts Portal.  IGP is one of India’s largest gifting portals which do same day delivery to about 300 cities in India. Extremely convenient if you are in India and are as careless as me when buying gifts. By a click of a button, your gift will reach your santee on that very day! They have some amazing gifts and curated hampers of various brands.

IGP has gifts for various other occasions, and they also have personalised gifts which add that special touch to your gift!

Moving on, by a click of a button, you can also deliver a cake or fresh flowers to your loved ones anywhere in India.

So, this is about India, however i am sure if you are anywhere else in the world, you will still be able to send your gifts across thanks to another santa called Technology!

It’s 19th already, get your gang and start your secret santa shopping now! Merry Christmas!


Ex- Transactional Lawyer who left the comfortable corporate cushion to live a quasi nomadic life in a quest to unearth the secrets of the world, learn and unlearn.

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