Give Wings To Your Imagination: The Must Do’s In India’s No.1 Adventure Park

It’s vacation season and believe it or not it is that time of the year when expenses maximize  and random trips double up. Thus, since there being no way to avoid this expense (trust us, we have tried) why not enjoy it? With this pump of positiveness and surge of adrenaline we set out to visit Adlabs Imagica, Indias No.1 adventure theme park. Considering we had limited time on hands (just a few hours) and a mission at hand – to see the maximum, we hatched a plan – run for the most talked about rides and then come back to the lesser known. Imagica has been around for a long time and so we had heard enough positive reviews to help us make a decision and ration out the rides.

Imagica at night.

But, even with everything we had already heard, we still encountered some surprises. So here we are, sharing a cheat sheet to help you get the most of your day in Imagica. So if you are counting hours in the park take a look at all the must dos below.

Fairy tale themes are used such as Snow white and the seven dwarfs & Rapunzel

Let’s begin with giving them a round of  applause! Team Imagica, wonderful job with the design, layout and adventure rides. A little tip for people who’ve travelled abroad, don’t compare it to the international parks you’ve visited because by Indian standards, this place is fab!  (Compare it to our dear old uncle Essel World/ Water Kingdom and you’ll know what we are talking about.)

This map is easily available at the upgrade stores in the park.

We are all going there to satiate the adventure junkie in us,so here’s a list ofthe must do rides:

  1. Nitro: The deadliest of them all and touted to be India’s Biggest Roller Coaster .This beast is perfect to kickstart your day in this park. The ride may look scary when you look at it but once you get in to it, you will know what the hype is about.
    GF Tip: Go with an empty stomach and skip this one if you have any medical issues.
The Dare 2 Drop Ride at Imagica
  1. Deep Space: Every person, has once in their life imagined being an astronaut, sitting in a rocket and being launched into outer space with the galaxy to explore and the planets to envision. Deep Space ( one of our favourite ) does just that with a slight twist – which apologies we cannot reveal to you just yet. Additionally, though we cannot give you a lot of details about this ride, we highly recommend you go for this well digested and medico – issue free.
  1. Rajasaurus: If time travel, animals and adventure is your thing, then Rajasaurus is a treat. It takes you on a ride to the land of deadly dinosaurs which existed on earth centuries ago and just when you think there’s nothing more it takes you by surprise. GF Tip: Be ready to get wet.


  1. Goldrush Express: Always wanted to be a cowboy, and get the rush of participating in a crazy gold rush. Well, this ride ( a roller coaster again, with no surprises) does just that in a super fast speed through multiple twists and turns. This ride also has a very fascinating photo booth outside where you can click super badass pictures (look below and you’ll know what we mean :D)


  1. Salimgarh: Just had lunch, and don’t want to go in a ride that will make you feel like your organs will pop out, then this is your A mughal-e-azam type haunted house, with extremely well done interiors and magical effects. However, not that scary ( that’s what we thought, opinions may differ)
  1. I for India: A virtual helicopter ride that takes you through the whole of India! Sorry! But this is a major attraction so we ain’t telling you more. Go try it out yourself.

  1. The Parade – Daily, 5.30pm ( sharp 5:30, imagica is pretty punctual) there’s a parade where characters from every ride at Imagica come together along with a few other artists to mark an end to the day. This parade involves dancing to the Imagica theme song and other numbers making the environment extremely lively.

  1. The laser show – For this festive season, Imagica has a fest going on – The Diwali fest. This fest has a laser show that starts at around 7:30pm. A very well done up show that happens near the lakeside below the Imagica castle. A delightful watch.


  1. Snow Park: Last but not the least, We also visited SnoMagica, the just opened snow park at imagica. SnoMagica is as the management says, is supposed to be one of India’s largest snow parks, with the temperature in the park going as low as -5 degree Celsius. The park has a snow ride and an igloo (which you can actually go into) and a lot of artifacts made of snow for the fancy of photographers. What more? The ice at SnoMagica is not like your usual chemical soaked ice, but actually edible which makes it completely safe for children as well. There is also an artificial snow that happens on every 22nd minute ( something that is really exciting if you haven’t seen actual snow), lastly SnoMagica also has a ‘snow disco’ which doesn’t fail to impress either. However, what we were highly disappointed at were the condition of the wearables or snow gear. They were smelly and unbearable. Also carry your own socks to SnoMagica or buy from there at an inflated price. The cost of SnoMagica is not included in the Imagica ticket and has to be paid for separately. (Extra cost- Rs. 399).


Lunch Options: There are umpteen restaurants in the park to offer you all types of cuisines. But, if you are looking for a cost-effective option then the buffet facility at Imagica Capital is top class. They serve delicious veg and non veg food with chat, salads and desserts. We ate there and had no complaints.
Price: Rs. 399


How to reach the park: Best option is to go by your private vehicle. But you can also take a train to Khopoli and then take a rickshaw/ cab to the park. The approximate cost of which is Rs. 50 per person. Although the park also has cab, car and bus add on packages you must check out.

Address: Located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 4KM from the Khalapur toll plaza with enough directions to not miss it.

We went by car and it’s a three hour long drive from central Mumbai but a comfortable drive nonetheless.


Park fee: Rs. 1599 + taxes on weekdays which is approximately Rs. 1900 and Rs. 1899 + taxes on weekends that is Rs. 2100 but we highly recommend taking the express pass that saves you a whole lot of time.The express pass adds up 1000 more on your ticket cost but totally worth it if you are pressed for time and don’t want to spend most of your day in cues. We had the express pass.

PS: For the whole of this month (November 2016) Imagica has a Diwali fest going on, which has a ton of other activities and lucky draws daily with a lot of prizes to win. For more information visit the Imagica website here.



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  1. Such an amazing story, the pictures are fabulous, makes me want to go to Imagica now after reading this piece! 🙂

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