#GFReviews – TRC : The Roll Company, Lower Parel

Food, Uncategorized / Monday, January 16th, 2017

The Roll Company is a quaint little fast food joint, serving mouth watering rolls that are cooked to perfection. Nestled next to PDT at Kamala Mills, TRC serves a variety of rolls in vegetarian and non vegetarian variants.

Menu + Ambience

Though not a very exhaustive menu, TRC has quite a concise menu with around 7-8 options for the vegetarian fare and around 5-7 options for non vegetarian fare. TRC does not serve any desserts or drinks. Since the place is very casual, we found the service a little sloppy! Also, we were quite unaware that TRC has a proper seating area inside, because of which we had to sit on the bench outside [The manager at TRC did not really guide us through the restaurant well here!]

What we ate

We tried the butter chicken roll, the chicken tikka coriander roll and the kheema ghotala roll [We gave the veg rolls a pass!]. The butter chicken roll was our favourite! The rolls at TRC are made with gravy and spices wrapped in a huge roomali roti which serves as a wholesome meal. One roll is enough to satiate your appetite.


TRC is quite reasonable priced compared to the quantity it serves with roll costing around INR 200-225 with taxes.


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