GF Reviews: The Daibetic Food Trail At Farzi Café

Do you also think of Diabetic food as healthy and boring? Well, Truly that’s exactly what I thought too but not after I experienced the diabetic food trail – An initiative by Seema Pinto to make diabetic-friendly, healthy food more prominent. The initiative includes well-known restaurants participating and serving the most exquisite and healthy meals you might have ever had (seriously, no kidding!)

From the exhaustive list of restaurants we choose to go to Farzi café because

  1. We’ve heard so much about this place but never visited.
  2. And we wanted to see how a fancy restaurant like Farzi could do healthy food.
The Charred Chicken Soup

Let’s just say we were both happy and satisfied with the outcome.

What we ate:

  1. Charred Chicken Soup – relish chicken broth that was poured into a bowl with charred chicken pieces and popcorn.
  2. Somtum Pulled Chicken Salad – A delicious and wholesome salad with a healthy addition of protein rich chicken cubes.
  3. Whole wheat slider with chicken courgette, carrot, fettucini – An easy snack that had an interesting chutney dressing.
Whole Wheat Chicken Slider

4. Sous-vide Chicken caffreal – Chicken breasts cooked with popular goan caffreal masala and served with carrot foogath was a hearty one-person meal that we completely relished.

5. Duck Laal Masala – The other option was duck in non-veg menu and this one although a little chewy was well-cooked and tasteful too. It was served with buttermilk brown rice that complimented the dish well.

6. Anjeer Akhrot ki Brownie, Tiramisu Kulfi, Hazelnut pops, Ginger Cookie Crumble – Yes, the name is long but this was all one big, low-calorie dessert that we totally relished without any guilt. So healthy and so so tasty! The sweetness was low due to use of all natural sweeteners but it sure made-up for a great end to a healthy meal.

Duck Laal Masala with Buttermilk Brown Rice

PS: These dishes are part of the Diabetic Food Trail’s special menu created by the restaurant and you can surely enjoy them till the 30th of November. There are a whole lot of other restaurants participating in this food trail such as The Pantry, The Sassy Spoon etc.

Hajmola Candy

Cuisine: Interesting Farzi means to copy in hindi and that’s what Farzi café does but with a twist. So you’ll find all kinds of cuisines here that have been given a spin by Fari café, and their effort is admirable.

Candy Floss Pan

Tip: Don’t miss their Hajmola palatte cleanser that’s really unique and tempting. I am not a pan fan but their candy-floss pan is amazing too. The amul shot is also interesting.

Location: Farzi café is located in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

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