GF Reviews: PaPacream, Mumbai for Top-Notch Nitrogen Ice Creams

In the heart of Mumbai at Churchgate lies PaPacream, a nitrogen ice cream store that whips up some delicious concoctions that will stay with you forever. This place has been around for a while so if you’ve already visited, tell us your favourite ice cream combo in the comments below. While we tell you all about our ice cream experience at Papacream. 


The first one we tried was a suggestion from the manager – which though looked pretty enticing didn’t manage to tantalize our taste buds. It’s basically puris top wed with potato mousse served along with a sorbet made out of the Pani – Puri water which you can totally skip unless for the expletive of eating ice cream like chaat.  
Priced at Rs. 160

The next came the Ferraro Crunch ice cream that had a molten smooth and creamy base along with a crispy top layer. And boy, it was magic or what! We are die-hard chocolate fans and thus this one was our absolute favourite. Do not miss this one if you love the chocolate by the same name as much. 

Priced at Rs. 180 for a single scoop. 

The next one we digged into as the Red Velvet Cupcake ice cream. True to its name it had a white, philly cream cheese creamy ice cream base that was generously topped with red velvet cake crumps and totally floored us. The sourness combined with sweetness was just perfect to pleasure your taste buds and leave you satiated. Another must try item on their extremely experimental menu. 

Priced at Rs. 150 for a single serve 

We also tried the Thai sushi rolls ice cream. This one is a recreation of Sushi along with ice cream and had a chocolate crepe roll infused with coconut lemon grass ice cream with kiwi and passion fruit jelly. If you like experimenting with food, go for this ice cream sushi platter which will tingle your taste buds with its sudden chill of cold that’s moderated by the biscuits. Although it isn’t something outstanding it’s totally worth a try for its unique make and presentation style. 

Priced at Rs. 260

We saved the best for last and that’s how we choose to describe the Cookiewich

This devilish dessert is a mix of cookie and ice cream. Dark, creamy Belgian chocolate is sandwiched between rich choco chip cookies that make for a delicious combination! This is then sprinkled with colourful crunchies for that added crunch and finally topped with chocolate sauce. Too much chocolate right? This surely got us on a sugar high. But we wouldn’t miss it. 

Priced at Rs. 150 approx. 

If your craving some really crazy and totally delish desserts, head to PaPacream at churchgate cause they are sure going to win your loyalties. 

Their ice creams are 100 % vegetarian and they also offer sorbets, coffee and plain simple ice creams too for the no- fuss, simplicity loving peeps. So go try this one out. 

Here’s their address: Shop no. 18, Eros building, J.T.Road, Churchgate, Mumbai -20. 

Call: +912265177272


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