GF Reviews: The NEW Menu at Franceso’s Pizzeria, Mumbai

Nutella Cheesecake Francesco's Pizzeria

Brick walls that have been white washed and decorated with simple frames and mirrors is what the insides of this little Italian pizzeria situated in Lower Parel, Mumbai’s Phoenix Mall looks like. The white and bright cafe that’s got wooden tables and chairs has a rather inviting appearance and that of calm in the craziness of the mall.

They serve up a variety of pizza’s that are not the usual – topped with mozzarella and dominated by the flavour of the tomato base. Their pizzas are thin-crust and in simple terms outright delicious. Every chicken mari

nation was different and we could make out that there was thought put into every recipe. We’ve visited this pizzeria before and relished their Pizzas too, but this time we were here to dig into their NEW MENU that has some lip-smacking additions. Having already heard a lot about their new offerings we were obviously excited.

Insalata Spinachi Funghi Salad
Insalata Spinachi Funghi Salad

Their new menu has a new soup and salad section and additions of Pizzas along with new variants of pastas and some decadent desserts you wouldn’t want to miss. We started off our meal with a Cappuccino that has a strong aroma and that was heady enough to prepare us for the meal ahead. The Insalata Spinachi Funghi Salad served as the perfect appetizer with a delicious dressing and mushrooms that we, non salad fans managed to complete. No wonder it’s their best-selling dish in salads also part of the new additions.

Peri Peri Chicken Pizza
Peri Peri Chicken Pizza & Chicken Genovesse Pizza

For mains we decided to stick to the good old Peri Peri Chicken Pizza along with a Chicken Genovesse Pizza which was basically a pesto chicken preparation and of course finger-licking good. The next we tried was the The Chicken Pizza Sopresa which actually resembled a quesadilla and was a pizza stuffed with caramalised onions, chopped parsley, sun-dried tomatoes sauce and garnished rocket and parmesan flakes. Needless to say, we were stuffed. But since we were recommended the Creamy Mascorpone Mushroom Risotto (Part of the New Menu) we had to try it and boy, I am so glad we did because it was seriously scrumptious and the one dish I will probably go back for. (Also I am a Risotto Fan and eat it in every possible Italian joint and this beats my current favourite the Mushroom Risotto at Tamasha, Mumbai).

Mushroom Mascarpone Risotto
Mushroom Mascarpone Risotto

We ended this food overload with the Nutella Cheesecake that was the perfect ending to our Italian evening with just the right amount of sweetness and delicious textures. A reasonably prized cozy joint in the heart of Mumbai, Francisco Pizzeria is a must visit for all pizza fans.

The Chicken Pizza Sopresa
The Chicken Pizza Sopresa


Food – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4/5 (The only issue is that there is no washroom and if in case you need to visit the next best option is the washroom in the mall that’s quite a long walk)

Service – 4/5

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