GF Reviews: New Menu at Copper Chimney

If you’ve been following our blog on social media, then you know that we’ve got phases – like a real person cause of course we are very much real and unpretentious for that matter. So when we were invited for a private review (after ages of bad quality food reviews and being treated horribly at multiple places, that like real cultured people, we are not going to name) at Copper Chimney, we danced upon the chance. Not simply because it was has a private invite, but also because the food at Copper Chimney is always impeccable. And believe it or not, we’ve never heard anyone rant about the food at this restaurants.

So we obliged, because…

  1. We are truly fed up of all the bad food we’ve been made to eat on review dates and Copper Chimney comes with a legacy of quality food.
  2. We haven’t been to a private review table in a while and thus thought this one, was long overdue.
  3. We simply wanted to be treated well and eat great Indian food without the hassle of experimenting with various other cuisines.

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Enough reason, right? So we headed out to Copper Chimney at Worli, Mumbai for an evening of unforgettable hospitability and lip-smacking comfort food!

Ambience: The interior of the restaurant look plush and regal with a wide area for comfortable seating and big tables. Bright lighting, traditional wall art, comfortable chairs and large, family tables is the USP of this North-Indian specialty restaurant.

A dinner date at the famous Copper Chimney can only end with a broad smile and a stuffed tummy! We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the legendary hotel that’s famous of its lip-smacking North Indian Cuisine and exemplary service.

We ate:

1. The Burrah Chops: A delicious mutton chops dish that’s flavoured to perfection with aromatic spices and literally melts in the mouth once take off the bones. The spices compliment the meat well and make for a great starter. Its moderately spicy and also the most expensive starter on the menu (₹995).

2. Murg Malai tikka: Succulent chicken pieces barbecued to bring it the best in the meat.

3. Bhatti Chicken: Another variant of Tikkas these were chicken pieces marinated in homemade Bhatti masala. Had overpowering yet pleasurable flavours.

4. Masala Pappad: The massive bowl shaped Pappad at copper chimney if famous for the way it’s served. With the masala and chutney separate, is truly a unique yet delicious dish. We just couldn’t stop ourselves from filling up on the crispy, Masaledaar Pappad. And a special mention for the delicious green chutney that I wanted to literally pack and bring home.

5. Butter Naan: Soft, buttery, served fresh and hot making for the perfect combo

6. Lahori Chicken: We ordered this on the manager’s recommendation and though it was pretty good, we would still prefer the Copper Chimney Butter Chicken over it. Nonetheless, a good change.

7. Chelo Rice: You absolutely cannot leave Copper Chimney without eating Chelo Rice, a signature dish they have perfected. The slightly sweet dish is a mix of rice that’s doused in gravy and tikka.

8. Muzaffar: This dessert that’s basically Rabdi topped with roasted Sev and dry fruits was sweet and indulgent. We just couldn’t stop from wiping off the bowl clean. If you love Indian sweets, this one is a must try!

Copper Chimney has some experimental yet delicious Indian cocktails which you must give a shot too! The Kala Khatta Martini is a real stellar.

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