GF Reviews: The Grandmama’s Cafe All Day Breakfast Menu

We recently went to Grandmama’s cafe in Kemp’s corner to try out their all day Breakfast Menu that’s a mix of breakfast items from various cuisines. It consists of items such as akuri on toast, poached eggs, Kheema pao and eggs Florentine to suit every palate. They also have a large variety of Thickshake and milkshakes that will surely lure you.

Their all-day breakfast menu has all your delicious breakfast delights and a lot more! #gfrecommends

What we ate:

1. Grandmama’s Special Pouched Eggs: Served in an eye-pleasing plate with the eggs poached on top of the bread and layered with grandmama’s special cheese hollandaise sauce, this one was a real treat. the flavours were combined well and the creamy sauce helped in keeping the bread moist. The hash brown on the side acted as the perfect palate cleanser with a crispy touch after all that creaminess.

2. Baked Beans on Toast: Served with bread topped with a generous amount of baked beans and hash brown on the side, we loved the tomato flavour in the beans and realised how well it was cooked. the bread was toasted which made all the difference. would totally recommend it. Also, it would taste even better topped with some grated parmesan.

3. Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Oil: Scrambled eggs came with two slices of toasted bread but we didn’t quite like the flavour of truffle oil that was completely overpowering the eggs. I guess we are not big fans of truffle oil. But the scrambled eggs were smooth and creamy with just the right colour which made them pretty tempting.

4. Vanilla Marshmallow Thick Shake: A big glass of milkshake topped with marshmallows can be intimidating but this one struck the right notes with a soothing vanilla flavour and sweetness that wasn’t too much to handle. biting into the marshmallow in the end was our favourite part. Childhood revisited.

5. Caramalised Parle G Thick Shake: This one was a surprise as we didn’t expect it to be so good. The milkshake was thick and creamy with a rich caramel flavour and came topped with a Parle G cookie, staying true to its name. We thought it was slightly more sweet than required but gulped it down, nonetheless.

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Also, totally love their quaint decor and detailing. It makes for such a warm and inviting ambience that’ll totally brighten up your day.

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