GF Reviews: Exquisite Dining At EURO, Sahara Star

With the advent of a wave of ‘Indian Fusion’ food everywhere, which we personally hate (seriously! What on earth is pavbhaji fondue) it is a delight when once in a blue moon you chance upon a restaurant which is authentic and sticks to its origin. That is how we would sum up our experience at EURO – Sahara Star, a brilliant new authentic European offering by Sahara Star. Now if you are from aamchi Mumbai, you don’t need an introduction to the elegance that is Sahara Star. EURO on the lower level of the Hotel is a European delight headed by its extremely polite chef.

Fine dining at EURO

Europe has always been one of those things we fancy! And of course one of the main reasons is always their exotic food. From pasta to paella and from cheese to braised chicken it’s all out of a dreamy European holiday at EURO, Sahara Star.

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The Food

The chef had curated a delectable European fare for us starting from the salads and ending with the yummilicious desserts – (Oh, how! We controlled the urge to lick our fingers of the dark chocolate).

Bread and dips to start off
  1. Starting off: An assorted platter of dips and breads such as the parmesan dip, the spicy tomato dip and sea salt that was served along with sunflower whole wheat bread and a glass of white wine.
  2. Salads: We then moved to the salads and were served a well-plated crab and prawn salad which not only looked great but tasted equally delicious especially with the sauce used at the end. On the vegetarian menu was their wine soaked vegetable salad.
  3. Soup: We were served a red meat fondue soup along with a dallop of cream and a porcini mushroom and pine nuts soup. While the red meat fondue was nothing like we’ve tasted before the winner among the two was the mushroom soup that was thick, creamy and flavourful. The soups were rich in taste and texture and quantity served just right for us to relish and gear up for the rest of the meal to come.

  4. Starters: Skinned Basa with Squid Ink Pasta along with pesto sauce on the side was served and we quite liked the dish although it got a little chewy due the skin of fish that wasn’t peeled off. The other starter was a chicken braised in red wine that made for a luscious treat with rich, exotic ingredients and a 24-hour slow cooking time. The Chicken was cooked tender and par excellence, however, we were not very impressed with the steamed basa as it felt a little dry and chewy (also we are not great fans of squid). 
  5. Mains: A rich, creamy and extremely heavy Truffle Risotto was served along with a Seafood Paella that was rightly described as Europe’s Biryani! We were already quite full but these delicious dishes demanded us to get stuffed to the seams and so we did.
  6. Cheese: Then came the cheese course – a thin slice of watermelon sandwiched between a layer of brie and feta cheese garnished with ccoco coated parmesan balls was the perfect accompaniment to our luscious fare. Though it got to cheesy and salty for us after a while : -P
  7. Desserts: No meal is ever complete without desserts and neither would this have been. So we awaited out desserts and as soon as they arrived our eyes gleamed with joy! Yes, they looked that good. First came the pretty looking Raspberry Custard with Cocoa Biscotti and Strawberry Chocolate Macaroon that we were just about relishing when we were served the next devilish dessert – 70 % Dominic Chocolate Bar with Brown Butter Sorbet and Milk Chocolate Shavings. This one was obviously the show stealer. As they say the best for the last! Needless to say we left with full stomachs and a happy heart that craved for more, until next time.

Ambience: A lavish surrounding this hotel is situated inside the five star, Sahara Star Hotel situated near the domestic Airport in Andheri, Mumbai. The hotel is full of grandeur and so was EURO. A spacious place with modern décor that kept comfort in mind at all times. –  5/5

Truffle Risotto

Concept: EURO thrives on the concept of bringing all kinds of European food to the Indian palate under one roof. As the chef said,  “We want to serve quality European food that is also authentic with exotic ingredients exported especially for our needs.”

Seafood Paella

Price: EURO is a luxury fine dining restaurant situated inside the Sahara Star hotel which works 24 hours. A meal for two with mocktails / cocktails would come up to Rs.  5500 + taxes.

Overall Rating: 5/5 (Only if you like European food)

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