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Boardwalk by flamboyante

By now you must have heard a lot about this beach-side café that’s opened up at the Mandawa Jetty in Alibaug. Yes, Boardwalk by Flamboyant is a chic new beach-side café with the perfect ambience to sip on some delicious drinks and enjoy the view. A great brunch place this blue and white eatery is just a jetty ride away from Mumbai and mind you, the ride is rather joyous.


With selective food menu and a decent drinks menu that includes, Boardwalk special Long Iceland Ice Tea and many variations of regular cocktails and moctails along with of course Brunch special Sangrias the menu we’d say is satisfactory.

For food there’s a mix of Indian food along with European and Italian fare. Pick from pastas, burgers, pizzas, sizzlers and khou seuy or devour their moghlai offerings with fresh roties. The food is good enough to not disappoint you while the service is pleasant. In fact when your seated with such a wonderful view more often than not you want them to take their time and leave you to admire your surroundings.


The décor is a combination of white and sky blue that makes it look chirpy and bright while the addition of nautical in their architecture and little details are what make it different than the lot. As they say, the details are where the story is. This place has the right vibe for a great, long Sunday brunch that’ll energise you for a tough week ahead. The location is apt and they have two seating areas – the inner Air conditioned area and the outer beach facing open area. Obviously go for the outer seating but if at all that isn’t available, the inner seating is equally cozy too.

What we ate

We were in Alibaug for the weekend and went to Boardwalk twice! The first time we ordered for some delicious tikkas along with chicken gravy and rotis. Ice tea to compliment with the meal and khou suey too. The khou suey gravy was well-prepared with an after-taste of coconut in a creamy gravy and came along with all the accompaniments. The food was tasty and hot – all you need to enjoy your meal. The quantities though are smaller than usual and one plate would suffice two people.

The second time around we ordered for two sizzlers – The Peri Peri chicken sizzler and the Pepper chicken steak. Both were well-cooked and came with a host of veggies and French fries. A wholesome meal, one sizzler would suffice one person. For dessert we tried the molten cake with ice cream and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, the cake was too small and took us less than 30 seconds to finish it. Well, good things get over sooner so we are not complaining.

Tip: Order all at once if you are in a hurry because as the crowd increases the service becomes extremely slow.


The pricing is decent and each dish costs around Rs. 350 to 450. The sizzlers are prices at Rs. 650 plus taxes. So the approximate pricing would be Rs. 2000 for two people with mocktails.


The restaurant is just a 5 minutes walk from the Mandawa Jetty.

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