GF Reviews: A Vegilicious Meal At Ministry Of Salads 

Indians have finally begun to give veggies and especially healthy salads it’s due after they’ve understood how important it is to eat healthy. No wonder then that we have salad bars cropping up in Mumbai too.

We visited one such quant little ( yet super fancy) salad bar at Breach Candy called the Ministry of Salads for lunch one fine day and were totally spoilt for choice. From exotic veggies to healthy produce they’ve got a large variety to pick from to give you your daily dose of nutrition minus the calories and might I add, it’s all super yummy fare. So here’s giving you more details into all the things we ate that at the Ministry of Salads.


The Thai Crunch Salad: One of their most popular salads the Thai Crunch is a mix of raw papaya, mixed leaves, peanuts, kale, broccoli cucumber, glass noodles, French beans, cherry tomatoes and a sweet chili dressing. The best part about this salad is the crunch you get from the veggies and the noodles that tend to fill you up. This one is a must try. Priced at Rs. 360. Calories – 179kcals

Beat the heat: A large tossing of chickpeas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, burnt garlic, buffalo mozzarella and greens with a lemon herbed dressing. A filling bowl that was surprisingly decent in flavours. If you are a fan of chickpeas go for this one. Priced at Rs. 320 with calories – 356kcals.

Egg Caesar: A generous tossing of boiled eggs, ice berg lettuce, Parmesan croutons in a creamy Caesar dressing is to die for. It’s creamy and delicious. So if you are not exactly a health freak this ones your best option out here. Priced at Rs. 360 with calories – 473 kcals.

The big mix: Made of green apples, rocket leaf, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, pickled shallots, walnuts with lemon mirin dressing this one failed to impress us. Too many things in one bowl we thought. But go for it if you’ve got a taste for green apples. Priced at Rs. 320 calories – 237 kcals.

Roast by the coast: With dry figs, walnuts, celery, salad leaves, goat cheese and a pomegranate yogurt dressing this one is quite a unique combination. Although we didn’t quite like it, try it if you want to bite into figs and walnuts. Prices at Rs. 340 calories – 748 kcals.

Make your own salad– apart from these combinations they also have a make your own salad option where you choose what you want in your bowl. The list of ingredients is divided into parts like base, grains, exotic veggies, muscle etc to give your salad bowl balance. We chose a mix of baby spinach, brown rice, avocado, mushroom etc in sour cream and Parmesan dressing and then patted ourselves on he back! Good fun. Prices start from Rs. 350.

They also offer sandwiches and wraps and we bit into he pesto-wich, a blend of tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella toasted bell peppers and pesto. And it was yum! Totally with a try if your not a salad person.

They also have soups ( the menu keeps changing every 15/20 days ) and smoothies. We tried their Nutella and hazelnut smoothie and fell in love! It was decadent and delicious! We also had the blueberry banana yogurt smoothie with granola garnish and that too was surprisingly lip smacking. Must try their smoothies too.

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