Food Favourites: Delicious Stuffed Crust Pizzas At Pizza Hut

Are you that person who loves pizza but does not eat the end of the crust ? If you are, well then hello! nice to meet you, because I used to be one of them too. The reason I am saying “used to” is because I have crossed the green grass and jumped to the greener side, thanks to Pizza Hut’s newly launched stuffed-crust pizzas. The main idea behind launching this range of pizzas, as the chef put it, was to discourage people from leaving behind the end crust and providing a fuller pizza experience.

This new range of pizza crust offers 3 variants, namely, Veg Kebab, Cheese Max and for the carnivorous soul –  Masala Chicken sausage. The pizzas come with an all new herb infused sauce and 100% mozarella cheese, sure to give you a #foodgasm.
Along with this, pizza hut has also introduced new pizzas  –  the Veggie Surprise and the Paneer Delight with the Veg Kebab Crust and Chicken Hot N Spicy, Tikka Treat in the Masala Chicken Sausage Crust. Apart from the aforementioned, all the existing pizza’s on the menu card can be upgraded to the cheese max base.
Since we follow the principle of #PizzaisBae as soon as I saw them, I could not stop gorging onr them, however 1 piece down and I was stuffed (Yes! the pizzas are heavy and the stuffed crust makes it heavier an wholesome). The Cheese Max was a total bliss which transports you to another world of cheese haven.
Our amazing sunday lunch experience also ended with a delectable chocolate dessert –  Ebony/ Ivory from pizza huts own kitchen.
Also for the budget-friendly peeps out there – pizza hut has come out with a limited period offer where Medium Pan Pizzas are available for INR 199 only.
So go ahead guys since now you can have an “Anytime Pizza Party”.
P.s : Pizza Hut also gave us an INR 500 prepaid card which we can redeem at any of their outlets for some more pizzas (Yayiiee, we love gifts so much ).

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