Goa Virgin No More! Planning Your First Ever Goa Trip Like a Boss!

How To Travel , Choosing the Beach in Goa:

Indian or not – for reasons galore, once in their lifetime each one wants to take a dip in the pristine beaches of Goa. Known for its chill culture, energetic vibe and duty free alcohol, Goa is on the bucket list of every traveller, and so was it on mine too. Well aware of how funny it may sound, it was my first time in Goa (December,2016). Similar to what every person who has never been to Goa feels, I was also bubbling with excitement at the thought of jumping and strutting around like a dolphin in the salty beaches of Goa and then putting on a cover up over my bikini and grooving to commercial music in the effervescent clubs. I had also carried a book with me with the illusion that I am going to lie down on a beach bed with a book in my hand, sipping a chilled wine admiring the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea. My dear first timer – if you connect with any of this then let me tell you, a lot of this is true and I did experience it; but a lot of it is also very overhyped and does not look like the Goa that bollywood has been showing us throughout the years.

So, it is your first time in Goa – you have 3 days, and you want to make the most of your trip – what do you do? Read on to find out :

  1. Travelling:If you are going to go to Goa from anywhere in the world, I suggest you take a flight; it’s the most convenient. However flight rates to Goa hit the sky which brings you to the next best option – Train. If you are travelling to Goa from Maharashtra (in our case, Mumbai) there are plenty of train options as well that go to Madgaon, Vasco or Margoa. Trains in India are comfortable, clean and hygienic along with being 100% safe for all individuals. The best trains to Goa are the ones that depart late at night and arrive at Madgaon station (60 – 90 minutes away from Candolim Beach) early in the morning. Once you are off the train, you will need to book a taxi to the beach of your choice which will cost you anything between 200-400 rupees.

              P.S: Train tickets are exhausted months in advance, so make sure you have your tickets in place or then you are prepared for a               tatkal booking. You can also travel by bus, but very subtly I would suggest against that, you’ll know shortly why.

The roads leading to Vagator, North Goa. Roads in Goa except the deeper city are lined with lush green trees and bushes on all sides.
The roads leading to Vagator, North Goa.
  1. Which beach to stay: Without exaggeration, The town has an army of beaches to live in. you can never see all the beaches in one trip and the more you talk to people, the more beaches you will discover. Where to stay In Goa completely depends on what do you want to take out of the trip.

a. To crowded sights and party nights : Baga Beach and Calangute Beach

b. If you want the cool vibe of Baga and still search for some peace: Candolim Beach (just around 10 mins                                              north of Baga)

c. If you purely want to relax and actually sit on a sun bed reading a book: Ashwem Beach, Arambol Beach or                                      Morgim Beach.

             Every beach in Goa has its own unique vibe and culture; I strongly suggest not judging Goa as a whole just because one beach              dint turn out to be as per your liking.

Baga Beach during Sunset on a relatively empty day
Baga Beach
  1. Going about the place: cars, bikes and scooters can be rented on production of a valid driving license at every nook and corner of the city. Standard rate for a scooter is INR 300 or approx USD 3-4 per day. Bikes and cars may cost more. Though Goa has a dearth of petrol pumps, petrol is conveniently available in 1 litre plastic bottles for a cost of INR 80 or USD 1-2 at every random shop in Goa.

            There will be shops selling clothes, accessories, and lots of other things – don’t mistake them to not have petrol. Petrol is                            available in EVERY shop in Goa unless they have run out of it.


The Globetrotting Foodies and GF Gang on our rides!
Activas are abundantly available! We hired 6 of em

That was about travelling, choosing the beach of pleasure and how to go about soaking the Portuguese bylanes independently.  Read part 2 of this series to know what to do and how to do the Goan way!

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