Euro Tripping: That Magical Day In Disneyland, Paris

If you’ve been to any Disneyland in the world, you will know why I’ve chosen to describe it as magical. This place is made of our favourite childhood fantasies coming true to make us believe that magic truly exists! And it’s a world in itself. A world where you can be friends with princesses, use Aladdin’s flying mattress, lick some of pooh’s honey and make all your wishes come true with genie in tow. Has adulting ever been so much fun? 

Disneyland, Paris was always on my bucketlist but till we reached the city of love, we were tired and exhausted, afterall it had been 15 days of travelling across Europe. Paris was the last destination and we had a lot to do but somehow our spirits were really down. So the assigned day to visit Disneyland started off relaxed and with the motto that we’ll do as much as we can. After a two-hour train ride and two train changes later we reached Disneyland that’s on the outskirts of Paris – the  Marne La Vallée metro station.

We took the pass to the adventure park instead of the park and the walt disney studios and spent the day exploring all the fabulous sights Walt Disney world has created for the privileged kids as well as lucky adults.

The entry fee is 60 Euros ( approx Rs. 4,600) which is a lot and obviously we wanted to make the most of it. But let me warn you: there is a lot to walk. The park is a gigantic area of land that transports you into a different world but it’s all meant to be travelled on foot which is exhaustive. 

What you simply can’t miss are the parades. Since Halloween was around the corner that was the theme of the season and we got to see the Halloween parade as well. But apart from that there is an opening parade (which we missed cause we reached there only by 12.30pm) and a closing parade. We saw the closing parade and it was so much fun since all the Disney characters come singing and dancing making it a merriment of sorts.

But the highlight and literally the one thing that made us feel like our money in this park is VASOOL (worth it) was the light show or fireworks that happened at 9.00PM. It was a sight to remember forever. A well executed show put up with great technology to make you simply go wow! Take a look at all the pictures to get a glimpse of Disneyland. It won’t do justice to our experience but until u experience it yourself, take a look.

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