Euro Tripping: Answering The Most Asked Question 'How Was It'

All those of you who are my friends on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat you’ve already got a glimpse of my much awaited European holiday. I am back in Mumbai and even though it’s been a few days the tripping isn’t over. 

It could be jet lag or tiredness or simply post vacation withdrawal symptoms. But it took some time to recover and wake up to reality. And in the meanwhile whoever I’ve met has asked me how my holiday was and all I’ve managed to say is “amazing” or “awesome”. I am not a talker and one word syllables cannot describe how these 18 days of awesomeness were. So here it is, in writing. 

Months and months of planning and late night meetings (we began four months ago) later we finally boarded our 3AM flight to Rome. People ask if I went alone and I like to describe it as a solo trip I took with 3 other Traveller friends. So it was a solo trip (and that’s why you see only me in most of my pics ) but I wasn’t alone. For someone like me whose always lived a guarded life and never moved out of my vicinity, leave alone city or country (no outstation school, hostels or boarding schools ever) this in itself is a biggg step! This wasn’t my first trip abroad but it sure was my first trip abroad without my parents and it felt really good! Independent! On my own! High time, isn’t it? 

But it wasn’t going to be easy and I knew that. Although I didn’t know it was going to be this tough. This trip was everything I imagined and everything I didn’t too, all together. And even then I couldn’t get enough. 

From walking 25k + steps everyday to surviving on just one meal everyday and binge eating cuppa noodles, we’ve seen the best and worst of it. Pulling our trolley bags on the streets of a foreign country was a different kind of feeling – in fact in Paris we walked down two metro stations to reach our hostel with the baggage we had and it wasn’t fun at all. Struggling with local transport and metros was another war we manage to fight only because another Co-Traveller and dear friend was smart enough to have figured it out. But walking in and out of metros isn’t the end. Walking down to your destination takes a lot more patience and perseverance. 

The serene beach in Lido De Jesolo

But the worst was when we booked the wrong location. And this happened more than once all because of yours truly! And I take full responsibility (Lido De Jesolo instead of Venice, oberhagen instead of Munich and a day late in Generator Hostel, Paris). These were also learnings and a whole new experience in itself. 

The festivities at Munich’s Oktoberfest

The highlight of the trip of course was attending Oktoberfest, Eiffel Tower Top, one more day in Lido De Jesolo and visiting Disney Land in Paris which we could only do because we planned this trip on or own and not through a tour company. Best decision EVER!  
Streets of Vatican

In the end hard work does pay off! And this trip turned out to be fantabulous! A once in a lifetime kinda thing I don’t think I would have been able to pull off without my travel buddies and their undying corporation. For all its worth, I wouldn’t change anything ( maybe just add a few though?) and I am so glad I made it. By far the best travel experience of my life. 

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