All The Things You Must Buy While On Holiday Abroad


Going overseas is now a trend but it’s also true that even though literally everything is exported and floods the Indian markets, there are somethings you still won’t find in India, unless ofcourse you know the right ways to get them. Anyway, a trip abroad means a lot of shopping especially from duty free where, […]


Photo Blog: Glimpses of Ladakh (Part 1)


This one’s a first for our blog. Yes, a photo-blog since we’ve got some awe-worthy pictures of Ladakh, India and it’s beautiful landscape and we’d love to share it. We’ve got a new camera so the pictures are truly amazing and will surely make you want to pack your bags too. Just to recap, we […]


Beg-Packing and Other Travel Trends I Dread To Try


I recently read an article about a trend called Beg-Packing that has now become a way to travel for many westerners. I don’t personally know of anyone who has done this or would want to try it but I have surely made up my mind to not. Mainly, because I am not so gutsy and […]