#GFReviews – Drink Beer Out Of A Tap At Andheri’s Newest E-Beer Pub!

Non Veg Nachos - Cafe Mojo

Nestled in the Mahakali Caves area of Andheri, is the newest beer hotspot in town – Café Mojo . The unique selling point of this place is its unique concept of E-beer, where you pay for your drinks by the ‘ml’ and not per glass! With a simple tap affixed to your table, you can pour your beer and keep a tab of your drinks and food through a smart card! Yes! You can literally pour beer out of a tap – something which was happening only in our dreams till now.

Chef's Special BBQ Chicken Squares - Cafe MoJo
Chef’s Special BBQ Chicken Squares
Menu & Ambience:

The resto-bar serves a variety of Indian and European cuisine, though only appetizers, with an exhaustive drinks menu serving a host of cocktails and mocktails (for the teetotalers who do not drink!).

Cafe Mojo Cafe Mojo

Cafe Mojo spread in an area of 2 storeys, has a dedicated section for sheesha on the terrace, a dance floor cum restaurant section (with super strong air conditioning) and a more relaxed outdoor seating.

Note: The service of food, drinks and even water in the sheesha section is extremely slow and disappointing. The sheesha section is only equipped to serve sheesha and the lighting can make one drowsy.

The sheesha area- cafe mojo
The sheesha area
The open seating cum smoking zone - Cafe Mojo
The open seating cum smoking zone
What we ate:

The manager at Café Mojo, took his liberty to serve us all their unique and special dishes and Sheesha flavours. We started with the pan salsa sheesha and gum flavoured sheesha. The pan salsa was an absolute bummer,  though we loved the gum sheesha – an amazing compensation for the pan salsa. Moving on, we tried the non-veg nachos, calamari, fish and chips, beer battered prawns and peri peri chicken. The beer battered prawns were an absolute winner and must try at this place.

We also had the chef’s special bbq chicken pizza triangles – though not very impressed.

Peri Peri Chicken - Cafe Mojo
Peri Peri Chicken
Cafe Mojo

The restaurant is moderately priced, with each dish costing around INR 250-300. A pint of beer costs approximately INR 250.

Another noteworthy mention that this place deserves is its pricing. All prices on the menu card are inclusive of all taxes, and alcohol prices include mixers. In times where the base price of the bill is inflated by upto 30-50% by taxes, this comes as a heartwarming news and reason enough to drop in to this place for your weekly fix of intoxicants.


Café Mojo is on the Second floor of the Goldfinch Hotel Building, MIDC, Andheri.

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