Beg-Packing and Other Travel Trends I Dread To Try

I recently read an article about a trend called Beg-Packing that has now become a way to travel for many westerners. I don’t personally know of anyone who has done this or would want to try it but I have surely made up my mind to not. Mainly, because I am not so gutsy and also because travel for me is a luxury that I want to enjoy. Still wondering what beg-packing means? Well, it’s a term that refers to travellers who beg on the roads of unknown places to fund their travels to their next destination. Are you shocked at this revelation, cause I sure was. Well, this isn’t all there are other ways of travel too which the adventurer and traveller in me has dismissed even to try.

Beg- Packing:  Begging to fund your travel sounds like a horrendous thing to do consider travel in developing countries like ours is considered a luxury in itself. And then again the sight of foreigners begging in poor countries just to fund their travel to the next exotic destination is like a grave crime! Also, my parents would probably disown me and unfold a serious episode of drama stating how they didn’t spend all the money on my education to see me beg!!

Busking: Well, this one isn’t that bad. Busking is a term given to people who perform on the streets to earn money. Off late a lot of travellers have started to do this on their journey. But dear talented folks, you need to know that busking in many countries is illegal and punishable by law whereas in many others it requires a special permit and even auditions and training before you get to the real act and make a few bucks.

Couch Surfing: Couch surfing is a term given to travellers sleeping on local people’s couch in exchange for interesting travel stories and help in other handy work. While the idea doesn’t seem that bad considering you could meet like-minded people, hangout with the local community and save a lot of money too. But considering India isn’t the safest place for travellers I am not sure whose house I will end up in and what Psychological tendencies he/she might have. So, going to skip this one as well.

Although, I must mention that I have a friend who would successfully rent out his couch to foreigners and make great friends too. So, yes it does work out.

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