We’re Back! Adventurous Insights into the World of Food & Travel Await…

It’s been a long hiatus, we agree. But we have no idea what’s been keeping us so distracted off late. No, we haven’t stopped binge-eating at the newest eatery in town or got over daydreaming about the next holiday we will take. We simply stopped documenting our adventures in the world of food and travel, on our blog and our social media pages. And to be true, we’ve really missed it!

But the best part is that you guy noticed because at multiple occasions we had people coming up to us and asking where we have been lost. Well, as many non-social people suggest, it’s only when one is bored that one begins to put up everything on social media, so maybe, we were having too much fun and didn’t find the need to show the world details of our life (Waise bhi log kehte hai nazar lag jati hai :P).

But there’s been a realisation that we are happy, food loving people and not writing about the latest food fest we had, is kinda taking a toll on us. So while we got busy with making our individual careers and kicking-ass every single day of our lives in the last few months, we also thought of ways to make our blog and our social pages more interesting. There’s a lot you can watch out for like interesting contests, information on new places to visit, tours of new restaurants and places and VIDEO stories! Seriously, no kidding! We’ve chalked out a plan to generate some really interesting content that we really need your opinion on. So stay tuned and come back for more, or rather be awesome and sign up for our newsletter here and follow us on Facebook (@globetrottingfoodies), Instagram (@globetrottingfoodies), Twitter (GlobetrottingFM) and Snapchat (@Globalfoodies) to stay upto date. And if you like the restaurants we visit, then follow us on zomato (@globetrottingfoodies) too, to see our recommendations!

In other news:  We are going to be road tripping real soon (like in a few hours!) to a place that’s on every wanderluster’s bucket list.

Hint: High altitudes, cold winds and pristine waters on Indian soil. Guessed it? Tell us in the comments below and to know what we are upto in real-time, follow us on social media! Really, you don’t want to miss the deets.

Sending good vibes your way.


Zahra & Zabeen

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