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We are Zabeen & Zahra, two sisters who indulge in a lot of calorie inducing activities and have no regrets! We love food, travelling and all things sweet. So don’t tell us they are unhealthy. And since we already have too much sugar in our veins we won’t be serving anything sugar-coated (honesty promised). We plan our vacations when on vacations and you’d be surprised to know how we manage that. We’d be happy to let you though? ( So read on).


Hey there,


I am the lawyer who is also a professional tarot reader. I live life on the edge and am often criticized to be an uncalculated risk taker (which eventually pays off). 2 days after my 23rd birthday (2016) I left what I thought was my dream job – a job I had been yearning for since 5 years of law school – to give a shot to my true passion that is eating and travelling.  I am more of a nature traveler, which means – given an option to visit something man made and natural, I will always and always choose a natural surrounding (there is an obvious reason – nature is depleting, man made structures are here for a while). Hills over beaches (Always!) and villages over towns.





I am the girl-next door with a foodilicious twist. My life goals are simple – good food, good company and good conversations. So if I didn’t have a steady ( and totally awesome) day job I would surely be freewheeling in some corner of the world. But let’s save that for later. I write for a living and eat as a hobby and the time that’s left is either spent planning travels or travelling! One hell of a combination, ain’t it? If you love doing the same, lets be friends?




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