#99ReasonsWhy: Dominos’ New Offer Will Give You One More Reason to Binge-Eat Pizzas

This maybe the best news we’ve heard all month!  Dominos Pizzas are now available at just ₹ 99. Their new Every Day Value offer lets you order selected pizzas for just rupees 99! And no we ain’t kidding! Being ardent Pizza fans, this came as a great surprise and has had not only us but our friends excited about the offer too!

We tried the EDV offer and binge-eat pizzas  for only ₹ 99 each ( 8 inches or medium sized) and they were literally divine.  A crispy base with delicious toppings and a generous amount of cheese – these pizzas are perfect for a mid-day brunch or a midnight snack. Apart from the #99ReasonsWhy Dominos is our favourite this is the 100th reason we prefer Dominos over everyother Pizza brand.

So if you want to order these pizzas too all you have to do is log onto www.dominos.co.in or simply call your nearest Dominos Pizza outlet to place your EDV order. The good news is that these are also available on dine-ins.

Heart doing the happy dance ?

Try it out!



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