23 And Dreading A Trip With Your Parents? I Took The Trodden Path And Guess What Happened!

As you grow older travelling the carousel of life, unknown (so, you think!) to your parents you turn out to be a lot different than they bought you up and expected you to be. As a person, grown up and matured, you develop habits and indulgences which are sometimes obnoxious and mostly unknown to your folks. So what happens when you have to go for a holiday with them one day?

All through my formative years, I have travelled a lot with my parents. In fact my parents and their enthusiasm to see the world is the main reason why travel has become a part of my DNA. However, as time passes, somewhere between all the growing up, my idea of ‘fun’ changed and a trip with my family definitely dint make the cut.


Fast forward to January 2016, and I had set sail on an 18 day adventure to arab land – Saudi Arabia – with not just my parents, but my grandparents as well.  This holiday cum pilgrimage was quite different than all the holidays I had been taking from the past few months, and this is what I realized after it got over:

  1. Most reliable travel buddies: I can vouch for this at any time of my life. Parents are your most reliable travel buddies. Your friends, colleagues or anybody you ask to travel with you, will ditch you sometime or the other for a hundred reasons, but your parents will never ever do that.
  1. No need to plan: When you are travelling alone, an Important part of the travel – planning – is left to you. The ones who have travelled solo, know how boring and excruciatingly painful this particular activity can be, but with your parents around there’s no stress because they have it all sorted for you.
  1. Finances: Now this may not be true for all, but speaking of myself – travelling on with your elders means your expenses are always taken care of, hence you get to gallivant stress free wherever you are.
  1. Speed: Parents have this inherent trait, no matter what class, religion, creed they belong to – SPEED – yes! They are hyper and they will ensure you stick to the plan they have made. Now sometimes, this very thing can be a real pain, but if you are a sloppy burger, then your parents will ensure that you spend your day as per schedule which is a boon if you have less time and more places to see at a place.
  1. They know you: I cannot even explain the importance of this particular trait! They know you! Which means they know the quick fix to everything related to you! You can be as reckless as you want on a vacation and you know your mum will have a trick up her sleeve if you fall ill!
  1. You don’t have to play ‘Grown Up’: How many times have you got all frustrated with the adulting and wanting to go back to being a kid? With your parents in tow, you will be able to do just that! Plus they will make sure you keep out of trouble!
  1. Parents are crazy too: Yes! They are not wild, but they definitely are crazy. And by crazy I mean, doing completely random things which 1) are supper dupper funny and 2) in your right mind you wouldn’t do at all because you are a stuck up little person!

I remember this one time my mother fought like a wild cat with another woman for something legit in Iraq, now my mum is a very docile submissive woman and seeing her that way just made my day! And no! it was not violent, it was plain funny!


  1. Family bonding 101: Last but not the least, all the above benefits aside, a trip with your family, when you are an adult will help you understand your parents in a whole new light. You will be able to see them as people with individual choices and not just parents and that is an enchantingly refreshing thing to experience.

Having said that, here’s how you can make a trip with your parents and adventure of a lifetime:

  1. Encourage them to try new things: Your parents have encouraged you life long, the tables have turned now. Encourage them to try something new things, or experience your level of crazy! It will help the bonding grow, you’ll be able to show them your world and both of you will thoroughly enjoy the process.
  1. Be patient: your parents are of a different generation. They have lived in a different way and survived most of their life with a stringent set of rules, so the Golden rule of travelling with your folks is BE PATIENT! You will have a lot of opportunities where you will completely lose it, and for those times, I reiterate – BE PATIENT.
  1. Take that step forward: I know it can be difficult, but do it! Everybody has differences, but trust taking a step forward and making memories is much better than digging old graves and crying over spilt milk!

Have I convinced you yet? If I have then what are you waiting for? Go and book that trip with your parents now! Its going to be amazing, and while you are on it, tell me how it was in the comments below. If, by chance, I haven’t, then go back and read this article again 😛


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