2 Down 10 To Go: How February Turned Out

Globetrottingfoodies february 2018

February has been all about celebrations. The month started off with a bang, as we brought in our dear friends’ birthdays. Yes, two friends – Twins are born on Feb 4 and we headed to Juhu to bring in their special day. Thankfully it was also a Saturday night as we partied until the early hours the next day at A Bar Called Life. A great place to hang out if you are in that area.

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Our Nana & Nani celebrated their 49th anniversary and that’s quite a milestone. Obviously a celebration followed that got family and friends together. There was also Valentine’s Day which we refused to spend in the mushy way so took the date to the following Sunday afternoon at The Urban Foundry in Colaba. Incidentally that’s also where we had our first official date (back then it was Ellipsis) and brought back some old memories. The Valentine’s Day contest on our Instagram page was also a big hit! And the gift hampers were so loved by the winners. It’s always a delight to interact with people and see so much activity.

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There was another celebration at the end of the month with uncle, aunt and cousins as uncle moved to a sprawling new apartment on the twentieth floor. And boy, what a day it was. We did a family get together after really long and had such a good time that spanned from lunch unto dinner (over homemade pani puri).

This month we also pledged on being fit and so both of us started out with a fitness activity. Zab began doing Zumba and scored a great deal (5000 for 2 months, 3 times a week) while I (Zah) started with Aerobics again 3 times a week. Co-incidentally on the same days (Tues, Thurs and Saturday) the only difference being that zab prefers the post-work slot while I like the morning slot that leaves me with free evenings. So far it’s been decent. We’ve both manages to miss only a few classes (3 out 12 is not bad) and considering it’s a smaller month we are pretty proud.

gloebtrottingfoodies, february

I’ve been thinking of cycling for a long, long time and this month I finally did it! I organized a cycle ride with Rotaract Club of Mumbai Downtown, of which I have been a member for 6 years! (Did not realise that until recently) Well, the ride was fabulous. We went all the way from Colaba (Starting at the Happy Cycle shop which provided us the cycles at Rs. 100 per hour) going right upto Nariman point, chowpatty and back. We also saw seagulls flocking the sea shore looking magnificent and the skyline of the city so early we almost thought we are elsewhere. That was a rather good Sunday morning. We wow to do this more often.

gloebtrottingfoodies, february

We also attended the Kala Ghoda Festival and the Style Cracker Nightmarket. Both of which were different yet fabulous events. Kala ghoda though over crowded had some spellbinding installations while SCNightmarket was a wonderful experience and had great stuff on display. Gonna go all out and shop next time around! Well, I did spend some bucks at another exhibition called Jalsa at the World Trade centre which stocked mostly designer formal attire. Not all that great but got some good pieces.

All in all, February turned out pretty well, with a lot of laughs and many good changes. Watch this space for more updates and write to us if you want to know more about anything we talked about. We would love to hear from you.

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