One Down, 11 To Go: How The First Month of 2018 Turned Out

The year gone by has been an interesting mix of activities for me. Some so exhausting that it’s been impossible to keep my blog updated. Now, let me tell you a little secret – This blog is not a means for me to make money or score free lunches and dinners. It not even a tool to visit the most happening parties and events in town. No! I hate doing that. I am of the opinion that people who visit these parties are on a mission – to make more contacts, make your presence felt and achieve something for your business /
clients etc. Thus, people at these parties are formal, uptight and most probably fake. And I refuse to be any of these. In fact I refuse to waste even one beautiful evening being someone else and hob-knobbing in a room full of nobodies. But that’s just me – the Netflix and chill kind of person! Oh btw I’ve so much to catch up on Netflix but currently my 2 person membership has been hijacked by the sister and the boyfriend.

Coming back to the blog – Globetrottingfoodies is my baby and it has grown with time. I feel like a proud mother with a two year old child and a bright future (Yes, this could be the motherly hormone in my body over reacting or watching friends with babies playing up). The point being – I want to be more connected to this blog and the few people who take the time to read it. I want to tell you guys how my life is and what I have been up to on the professional and personal front. So the reason I am writing this article is to tell you about the first month of the year and how it turned out for me. I have decided to try and put down a brief note on every month of 2018 in an effort to be grateful for all the amazing things that happened.

For me 2016 was fantabulous – with quitting my job, making my euro trip a success, a family trip to mecca, finding a gorgeous partner-in- crime and literally every month of the year infused with travel. In fact, I travelled twice in December! But I don’t think of it all until I see pictures on my phone with the date stamp.

2017 too was amazing with a new relationship and a new job and a little bit of travel now and then that kept things interesting. So many developments even giving up on iPhone after a successful 2 and half year tryst and 6 year-long patronage to Apple. Yes folks, I am one of those iPhone to OnePlus5 converts and a happy one at that.

So this year is going to be about making note of all the little achievements and being thankful for small and big mercies. This would also serve as a kind of update for you, dear readers who’ll be abreast with everything that we are up to and as usual we would love to hear from you too – like, share, comment – we are listening. So let’s start with January, 2018.

It started with me waking up on the cosy bed of The Pride Hotel, Pune cause partied till the wee hours of morning duh! To my utter disgust I woke up sick, really really sick. Litterally pink in colour and exhausted. But well that day was spend travelling back and taking a wow of a cleaner lifestyle in 2018. Just to let you know, so far that’s going pretty well.

What’s noteworthy though is that I spent most of Jan attending weddings! None of them of people who I am close to and most of the weddings were such that I didn’t even know the names of the bride and groom. Guess that’s what they call maintaining relationships and my family, especially dad is big on that. Anyway, moving on to the professional front. Got an incredible but exhausting new project. An aural book being written by an ex-excise commissioner who has an unbelievable collection of old records. My team and I went to his office and got to see how unique his mindset and collection are. And the best part is that he began collecting all of it 20 years ago from the streets. Mainly in Mumbai and Kolkatta from the kabaadiwalas who are now his alias.

I also worked incredibly hard on another project that my company is still pitching for. Something for Andhra Pradesh Toursim which wants to publish travel books to boost tourism in the state. Interesting topic right? But creating concept notes for these was quite a hassle but nonetheless satisfactory. 26 January was a little different this year. There was no travelling but instead I got up early for flag hoisting in my building compound and met my neighbours. After this, the day was spent lounging around in bed and gladly so. Needed to get the hectic week at work and plus next day was a working day for me. But I did go watch Padmavat in the evening and pretty much liked it for the grandness of the movie. The costumes, sets, strategies, dialogues and acting were all on point. Although I do think Shahid and Deepika together weren’t great. And I also kept wondering all through the movie – “Itna Kitna Ego hai Bhai? Ek baar chehra hi toh dekhna chahta tha… usmein kya problem hai” ofcourse it’s a period film and that can’t be the basis to judge it. I loved Aditi Rao Hydari in the movie though, better than Deepika. By the way, my parents hated the movie and I had to hear about their Hate story for full 2 days! The one big achievement of January 2018 though was that there were no parties! Yes, there were some chilling scenes but no going out and jiggy wiggy scenes thus more money saved. YAY!

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