#GFReviews – 1441 Pizzeria Has A New Menu!

Nutella Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria

Have you ever entered a restaurant and wondered all through your meal why it’s called what it is called? Well, I went through that dilemma at 1441 pizzeria. I finally figured why it’s called 1441 – 14 degree North and 41 degree East is where Naples in Italy is on the map, the place where pizzas originated from. But this discovery wasn’t made before we stuffed our mouths with some lip-smacking, soul- soothing, tummy-pleasing Pizzas, loaded with all things meat and cheese.

wood oven at 1441 Pizzeria
wood over at 1441 Pizzeria
Cuisine & concept:

The cuisine attempts to bring to you the best of Naple’s authentic Pizzas that you can customize as per your taste. The concept is simple. There’s a live counter that allows you to choose your pizza base type, pizza sauce, toppings, meat preference and the types of cheese you want to indulge in. You also get to see a huge wood fire it up in the background where your pizza gets baked, all in front of your eyes. P.S: They have six varieties of cheese like the Mozarella, Smoked mozzarella, fresh Buffalo cheese and 1441 pizzeria special that you can choose from.

Persidella Chicken Leg Starter - 1441 Pizzera
Persidella Chicken Leg Starter
Menu + Ambience:

The menu is short and simple but gives you umpteen options to customize your pizza and have fun doing it. If you are the kind of person who hates so many choices, simply ask the chef to help you and you are sorted. They also serve coffee, Iced Teas and juices but their bottomless aerated drinks concept is what we heart.

The ambience is chic and upbeat. A great place for a casual dinner or lunch too.

Cheese Dough Balls - 1441 Pizzeria
Cheese Dough Balls
What we ate:

We took the suggestions of the staff seriously and they kept serving us dishes that are always in demand. We began with their newly launched starter plate of the Persilleda Chicken Leg-Starter and cheese dough balls, moved onto the non-veg house salad and then finally indulged in our gourmet customized pizza.

For dessert we picked the famous Nutella pizza with bananas and marshmallows. The food was amazing. The chicken was well-seasoned and cooked, crispy outside with a soft fleshy inside. The dough balls too were baked well and acted as the perfect accompaniment to our meal.

We chose a gourmet pizza and since we had space left for just one, we went all out. Picked a mix of the tomato and alfredo sauce as a base. Chose our favourite veggies and added three types of chicken and cheese. The chef was sweet enough to compartmentalize our pizza so we could taste all types of chicken without it being a big mess.

The pizza was crispy and fresh with the aroma of basil wafting through our nose and making us more hungry than ever. (At this time, I hated the fact that I had to stop for some pictures! Damn!)

Gourmet Pizza - 1441 Pizzeria
Gourmet Pizza
GF Recommends:

The gourmet pizzas are totally worth it. They have bottomless aerated drinks which means you can take a refill as many times as you want. Such a great concept because who eats pizza without coke?

Do NOT miss the Nutella pizza. It’s the one thing that will pull you back to this place. I promise.


 1441 Pizzeria is reasonably priced. The starters cost Rs. 275 while a gourmet pizza is priced at Rs. 595. The Nutella pizza is for Rs. 295.

Location: We went to the Fort outlet but they have another branch in Andheri too for the not so SoBo Mumbaikars.

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